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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jimmy Choo

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It’s not that much to ask for

I just wanted to be free

Hanging from clouds

Like jimmy cricket, and jimmy choo, jumping over candles just for you


I don’t feel a sense of passion

All I feel, is atlas shrugging me off

I communicate, with letters and numbers

26 letters, never seem enough


I’m a little worried, about these kids

Fighting in the streets

Lights to humiliate them, guns to fight them

Defeat, is a deadly blight, a blight my king

A blight of the skin


The plague has come

The plague, has come


We don’t want them in our streets

Damaging our rose gardens

With their evil thoughts, and twisted minds


The plague has come

The plague, has come


I have a crack

In my mind, it’s growing ever-larger over time

My king has come, to take an oath, to be the one

Gladiators, of my century

On my TV


Build me, a colosseum

I want a colosseum

I want, I need, I demand, a small concession fee



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