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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

when Bristol PMT had PMT.

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I Just read a thread that reminded me about the time i went into PMT in bristol (yes, it's called "Professional Music Technology", unfortunate name really) about 6 months ago and they stopped me at the door and wanted to take my guitar.

when i asked them why they said "because people have been bringing empty cases in and stealing guitars", and i said "what if i show you there's a guitar in the case?" and then they started trying to suggest that i might swap it for a more expensive guitar, so i showed them the guitar and pointed out to them that it's worth more than anything i would be able to reach without their assistance. They still wouldn't let me in unless they took my guitar. So i told them where to shove it and left.

Sure, maybe i was a little impatient - but here's why:

The problem that i saw there and then was, they were taking people's guitars at the door - but they weren't making any sort of note as to who each guitar belonged to. so on a busy day it would be very easy for someone to come in, wander around for a while, then on the way out, ask for their guitar back, and take someone else's guitar. VERY easy, i saw the way they were doing it, and no security measures were in place, no questions were asked, etc - all it would take was a busy day where one person's memory couldn't keep track of who brought which guitar in. so they are basically putting customers' prized instruments at risk of theft, in order to protect their stock from theft.

It's so irresponsible on their part, and i think if they keep it up it's only a matter of time before they really willingly hand over a customer's guitar to a thief because they just aren't keeping track of who the guitars belong to. Do it right, or don't do it at all, i say.

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