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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

tuition fees, student loans etc. (bit of a rant)

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Hey. I'm probably just venting now. But yeah, progressing to the 3rd year of BIMM is a real arse.

thanks to david "suspicious minds" cameron, and because they can, BIMM decided to increase their course fees, and they've wrangled it so if i want to complete a full degree i have to join onto what is technically a different course so the increased tuition fees apply to me and i have to pay more, despite the fact that student finance still recognises me as a student returning to the same course and therefore will only cover the course fees set in 2010. So they expect me to pull a further £1200 out of my arse on top of the £1000 deposit i paid for with money inherited from a relative who just happened to die at around the same time the deposit was due.

The worst part is, student finance dangled the carrot of offering to cover the full tuition fees in front of my nose as a result of a mistake they made when they filed my obviously 2 year old account as a new account and didn't think to inform me of it until earlier this week. Which is why i had no time to figure out how the fuck i was going to get the £1200 i thought i wasn't going to have to pay. and now BIMM, after saying the course fees need to be paid for by the time the course is over, changed their mind, saying it has to be paid before i can enrol on the course. This is after rejecting my scholarship application which i applied for in order to be able to pay the damned course fees.

So yeah, someone in the BIMM head office down in Brighton deserves to be slapped across the face with a wet fish for all eternity, and it looks like i should be the one to do it.

In other news, I'm having trouble with french people sleeping in my bed while i'm away and not paying the bills on time. Sacré bleu!

Anyways. It's probably better if nobody reads this. The purpose of this blog is just to vent some frustration somewhere without being disruptive.
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