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Sunday, August 12, 2012

GHS Eric Johnson nickel rockers..

Current mood: disappointed

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..I just put GHS eric johnson signature nickel rockers on my fender classic series '50s strat. I bought them because they were the only pure-nickel 11-52 gauge strings i could find, as i really need the thicker E and A strings for my playing style than what a usual set of 11s has.

I'm a little disappointed with them tbh - the plain strings started to corrode and rust within about 20 minutes of playing - no, seriously. i'm not exaggerating. The wound strings also have a rough surface with a lot of friction which feels absolutely horrible to slide up and down. No wonder GHS make fast-fret. in my experience, their strings really need it.

I suppose it was just wishful thinking when i bought these thinking they'd be just what i was looking for - i had the same experience with the GHS boomers i had a few years ago. the wound strings were rough and made my fingers sore despite my over-developed callouses, and the plain strings developed the same roughness pretty quickly through rust. I get the feeling this is gonna happen to the nickel rockers too.

i'll finish with the better points - they do sound good, have just the right balance of tension for my playing style, and are pretty cheap.
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