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Saturday, May 05, 2012


Current mood: frustrated

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So i just strung up my trusty old dano 12-string with a set of pyramid golds, i thought i might as well try them because they are the cheapest flatwound strings i can find.

really really like them. then i was setting the intonation, because i needed to, it was way off.

i was just about to get the octave A string intonated when BOOM. snapped right off.

i yelled "balls!". and then i realised, i can only get these strings from germany ffs, and it's not like i can just replace the string with any old string - the octave A is wound.. not just wound - flat wound pure nickel... so any other wound string will sound out of place. a plain string won't be intonated but it's better than nothing i suppose.

So, first set of pyramids and one of the strings breaks instantly. am i just unlucky or is this a common thing? who knows...

aside from the lack of an octave A, these are really nice strings - they sound softer but somewhat crisper than d'addario chromes. they feel smoother and easier to play too. I think these have become my new flatwounds of choice.
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Blompcubea wrote on May 17th, 2012 12:05am

an update on this story - i messaged asking if i could by a single string, and when i got a reply to say they couldn't get them in stock just to sell one, i bought a random ernie ball plain string to replace the broken one, as it'll do for now. the very next day i got another message from thomann informing me that they got in touch with pyramid who have offered to send me a replacement, and they just wanted to know if it was ok for them to pass on address on to them so they could post it to me :)

very good of thomann, and pyramid, to give me a free replacement even after i'd offered to pay :)


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