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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Vox AC30s

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I seem to recall a while back i said "do not recommend a vox AC30, i already know that's not what i want!" in a thread.

Well, that's because i'd never played a "real" one, only a korg reissue.

Ever since i tried a real JMI AC30, i want one! those things have hardly any controls, and don't need any either. The normal channel is thick and punchy, the bright channel is clear and chimey, the vibrato channel, though sounding a bit like a thinner version of the bright channel, has an amazing pulsing tremolo and a beautifully rich vibrato tone. The amount of touch-sensitivity is astonishing - everything you do with the guitar is amplified as clear as day. Crank them up and they get this amazingly crisp crunch tone.

You only have volume controls for each channel, two 3-position rotary switches for the vibrato channel, and a tone filter that works for all channels. that's how simple it is. you can't really go wrong.

Now i DO want an AC30, but only if it's a simple and effective, original JMI model.
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