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Monday, December 31, 2012

Weblog #6

Current mood: optimistic

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Well you haven't heard from me in 2012 at all.

This year has been hard, but also far better than 2011. I am hoping this is a trend that will continue.

I have been working at Sony for 2 years now and have been made permanent. I am enjoying the job more and have gained more responsibilities. I hope to improve upon this further throughout the year. If not I shall have to look at new jobs.

My home is coming together slowly and I am happier with it now. Next year we will have to sort out a new mortgage deal and I am not particularly looking forward to that.

I am still with my gf and we are happy.

It has been a difficult year as I have said. It has taken time to get used to all my new responsilbities. However I have tried to make improvements in all areas of my life. I am healthier and more positive.

Roll on 2013.

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