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Monday, December 31, 2012

Weblog #6

Current mood: optimistic

Well you haven't heard from me in 2012 at all.

This year has been hard, but also far better than 2011. I am hoping this is a trend that will continue.

I have been working at Sony for 2 years now and have been made permanent. I am enjoying the job more and have gained more responsibilities. I hope to improve upon this further throughout the year. If not I shall have to look at new jobs.

My home is coming together slowly and I am happier with it now. Next year we will have to sort out a new mortgage deal and I am not particularly looking forward to that.

I am still with my gf and we are happy.

It has been a difficult year as I have said. It has taken time to get used to all my new responsilbities. However I have tried to make improvements in all areas of my life. I am healthier and more positive.

Roll on 2013.

Music - Plants vs Zombies theme
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Weblog #5

Current mood: relieved

Thank fuck for that.

Hopefully moving in on the weekend.

So I will be a poor person soon :haha:

Very relieved. Work is even a bit better now.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weblog #4

Current mood: angry

I know I go on about my mortgage in these a lot. And no one is reading them anyway but... hmm I'll carry on regardless.

I'm still embroiled in the struggle to get my mortgage.

It's horrendous. I'm geniunely on the edge. I'm so utterly pissed off.

Trying to prove that I haven't changed jobs but Sony has changed agencies. It's pathetic.
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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Weblog #3

Current mood: pissed off

I'm pretty fed up. Finished my two weeks off, and it was crap. Now I'm working straight through to christmas. Which I really don't want to do.

I can't find any other jobs I want to do. I can't afford to do another university course nor do I have the time.

Halifax are utter cunts and I highly recommend no one ever use them for anything ever. I still don't have my mortgage and am spending most of my time jumping through hoops seemingly for their enjoyment.

I am actually dreading work tomorrow and can't wait for the weekend.

Completely and utterly fed up with everything.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weblog #2

Current mood: annoyed

Getting a mortgage is a frigging nightmare. However I think I've nearly finished. I probably won't be able to move in during shutdown as I'd hoped, so I don't know what the fuck to do for 2 weeks off.

Work is shit. Got a new manager and he's a prick. Cameras are shite and I've had enough.

Quite frankly I can't wait to move house and get a new job. Will it be any better though?

Music : Into The Sun - The Parlor Mob
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I never write these

Current mood: busy

It's been a very long time since I had a weblog.

In fact, so long that we haven't called them weblogs in a very long time.

So anyway. I guess I'll start writing about myself.

I'm 22 now. Yes that much. I graduated from Cardiff University with a 2:2 in Electronic and Communication Engineering. I used this to get a job with Sony. working as an Electronics Technician. I repair the circuit boards that go into their TV/film broadcast quality cameras. Sometimes it's interesting. Sometimes it's frustrating.

I also have a girlfriend, I have been with her since 2006. We are in the process of buying a house together. It's quite a nerve-wracking process. I am however looking forward to living with her again.

I am into music obviously, otherwise there's little point being here. I don't play guitar as much as I used to. Although I still enjoy it. I have been playing since christmas 2003. The bands I enjoy most are changing constantly, but lastfm informs me it is probably Dream Theater and Tool, with some Metallica and Rage Against The Machine thrown in. What I've been listening to the most recently is a friends band called The Blims and a little known band called... Queen.

I enjoy gaming, PS3 and occasional PC. I currently play a lot of CoD because my friends do. However I play Gran Turismo 5 a lot and plenty of other games too.

I am also into motorsport, as most of the people who will stumble upon this likely already know. Hence the majority of my UG time is spent in the F1 Thread. I am an avid supporter of McLaren since 1997, and Lewis Hamilton since 2006. I also enjoy WRC, BTCC and when I can cram it in pretty much any other sport with 4 wheels.

It makes sense then that my other love is simply cars themselves. As many of you know I own a 1989 Mini (with my father). It only has a 998cc engine, and isn't very fast. It does, however, make a rather racous noise and makes me smile. It turns in telepathically and never runs out of grip.

In the long term I would like to further my education into new fields, namely automotive design. Drawing car was a childhood passion that I would really like to pursue further. If I hadn't gone down such a scientific route in school I imagine this is what I would've done anyway.

I have no idea what else to put, so I guess I shall tell you about my day today - as that is what we used to do with these things.

Today I went to work. This involves getting up at 05:55 (well that's when the alarm first goes off) ready for an 07:00 start. I naturally drove to work. Then I fixed cameras all day. Although I do get on the internet at 09:00 until 09:25 and 12:00 until 12:35 - hence you may see me post during these times.
  On the way home I was stuck in a traffic jam, caused by a rather nasty looking accident involving a blue VW polo. It appeared to have hit the central reservation, swerved across three lanes, careered up the grass verge, flipped and eventually came to a rest on it's wheels again. Not good.
  Then when I got home I attempted to ring my mortgage broker but he didn't answer again. I have a meeting with him tomorrow to hopefully sign my life away. I also need to start packing a suitcase as I am off to Italy for a week on Friday. I am very excited about this.

There appears to be an option for mood, but not for music. That is what I used to put at the end of a weblog entry... Well there is no music at the moment so perhaps next time.

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