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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

wher can i find a voice effect peddle, and the bra

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Does enyone know wher i can aquire a "vocal effect peddle"???? I thought "Digitech" made one. Sounds like, echo, reverb, looper etc. I finally found a coffincase to fit an "8!!!"string!! Fuckin tits!!! Oh yeah, a lil off the subject, but i just wanted to call out all the panzyass posers who can play a powercord or two and call themselfs musicians and the other fucks who KNOW how to play, but never even show up to practice!! If you know how to play, then FIND BANDMATS,AND QUIT WASTING TALENT! Oh, one more thing........ Guitar Hero is the perfect game for asshole faggot pussy slimeball nerds who feel "cool" thinkin theyre playing an instrument.!! Im Blake, and whats shakin?!   Add my ass for a friend invite! And youll recieve a FREE 1/8th of Durban-cough dipped in hashoil then covering all the stickygoodness in a bucket of kief! Called "Caviarre". Plus i rock ur moms socks off... Oh yea, im THAT fly----                       B.P.:headbang:
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