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Acoustic thingy   (01:46)
A would be song that I'm slowly piecing together. I haven't quite worked out how I'm doing the bass yet. { Tags : acoustic, bass, doodle }
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Sharpie   (00:53)
The very basics of what could become a song, partially improved solo. { Tags : Acoustic, sharpie, Brett }
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Tele test   (03:50)
Testing my custom Tele. GFS lil' puncher modern vintage pickups through a Peavey Express 112 and a Metal Muff

I'm quite sloppy. I played randomly usually doing bridge, mid, neck then coil tapped in the same order then repreated with distortion. My high e is sounding weird and I don't know why. I played it open compared to other strings. I also showed how the high e hits the pickups. { Tags : custom, tele, peavey, express, 122, Metal, Muff }
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