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Friday, July 24, 2009


Current mood: bored

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I'm getting heavily frustrated with the lack of musicians. Everyone is in fuckin' Tulsa! Hope that place burns now....I'm finally getting a little better on bass and guitar but I'm a bassist at heart. I can play Metallica shit but I'm too impatient to learn anything that really challenges me. I'm hoping to learn Moonlapse Vertigo by Opeth or something but I hate playing through it at half speed and going so damn slow. I lose my enthusiasm and get pissed at myself. Even if I did find people it's not like I have loads of time. I'll have marching band soon and that takes up a lot of time and energy, and I have a girlfriend. She would support me going off to jam and all that but I don't want to ditch her just because she's ok with it. Now I'm just getting a ton of gear that I can't even play well. My Schecter is a nice bass and I might be getting a 5 or 6 string Ibanez soon. I'm converting an old bass to a fretless and I have my Acoustic B200 that I can't turn up past 3 because shit starts falling everywhere.
I'll just be glad to stop this summer job. Working 8 to 5 sucks when you get paid near minimum wage. and they're supposed to pay me today! What the hell, I haven't gotten a check yet. I kind of need that to buy a bass I bored here. Anyway, this is getting pointless and hardly passing the time.
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