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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bass vs. Guitar

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I've been juggling guitar and bass for about a year now I've been considering making bass my main instrument and playing guitar on the side. When my friend and I jam in my room I will almost always play bass even though I know the guitar part and my friend knows the bass part. Playing bass feels more natural to me than play guitar sometimes but I can make my own material much easier on guitar and it flows much easier. If I switched to bass I could still write guitar parts and I would have a better chance of getting in a band. I think I'm fast enough to play in a Metal band that plays at decent tempos now, all I need is an amp to stand up to a drummer. I think I could bring variety to the local music scene since I have more of a Death/Thrash playing style with Metalcore influences opposed to......a three song breakdown like many bands around here. My only problem is the lack of musicians. The only drummer is Ben and he's always busy, Curtis can't write apparently, I could do some shitty growls but I can't write lyrics well.....I'll just have to join any band possible until I relocate I guess.....Hopefully choosing bass over guitar won't mean getting mixed out of the sound, I refuse to be a Justice era Jason Newstead.

  Main problem there is the lack of bands playing something isn't the whole 'chugging a low B string, pinch random note, everything stops while one guitarist plays a generic Hardcore riff, bassist could leave and no one would notice' kind of thing. The closest thing we have to Metal is Submerged In Dirt and Cerement as far as I know....Remains of Yesterday has a Deathcore thing going but they're too influenced by Hardcore to be considered Metal even by me. I could have joined Cerement but Chase and Dakota destroy me in every technical aspect and I don't think I'd get along with the band well anyway. Maybe I can meet some more local musicians willing to jam or write and I can finally take my place on the stage.

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WARLOCK123 wrote on Jul 6th, 2008 9:13pm

i think it sounds like a good idea to play bass and guitar. cos it sounds like your pretty comfortable playin both and that doubles your chance of getting into a band. then you could play bass and help write guitar parts with other guitarists in your band or play guitar and help write bass parts. sorry if it doesnt make sense. anyways good luck with whatever you choose


Preid wrote on Oct 22nd, 2008 1:16am

You'll find someone, somewhere.


Th6r6a6sH wrote on Aug 9th, 2009 2:47am

You'l find ME, as in awesome J. Play for Alpha Dog, srsly


Th6r6a6sH wrote on Aug 9th, 2009 2:48am

Alpha is playing with Submerged in Firt on the 22nd @ the dragon's Lair, if you're interested......


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