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Markazie (2)
Friday, April 04, 2014

Questions of Faith

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Sometimes they are times in life where we ask why has something happen.. It hard to understand God's will. However Job stood strong in his faith when he had the whole book threw at him as Satan tempted him to deny God. He lost his kids, his livestock, and went though severe health problems. Job never lost faith and he was blessed beyond his belief. Paul was in prison but he never lost his faith. His used to opportunity for the glory of God. He even said that all he lost was in gain for Christ. I never understood this lesson till my tools were stolen. I understand getting your tools stolen from you is not the same thing as the things they went though, but it did help me understand their perspective on things. The experience actually help me grow closer to God. I was telling people there was blessing in it, they were like well let me know what it is. The blessing was a deeper relationship with God. At that moment I have lost two years worth of building those tools for my job. I lost my main livelihood there. I was mad for a long time, I even said some thing I should have not said. However, I counted as gain for Christ. It help me grow closer to him. I understood Paul's words. I have let go of that anger, and if I ever came across the guy I would like to think I would thank him. He would never understand but he might get blessing out of it. I am not living for me anymore, I am living for Christ. So dont get discourage, ask God to help you though your trial and learn what your blessing is in this storm. So lets stand strong in faith, and live second.
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