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Friday, April 24, 2009

"A break in the chaos..."

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...was what I needed. A time to leave the chaos, productive suffering of this world, armed in it's feathery failures turned to stone by it's completely disgusting state. And in that state, I'm nothing. In that state, Jess was a foreign word, he who kills for money and his own life, he who finds himself in his collapsing empire of a lifetime, and now it was crumbling away.
After treating to the wounds on my arm, which weren't nearly as bad as I thought they were, I left to get lunch and go to the police station. My shoulder had to be bandaged up, and I put a sweatshirt on so as to hide the wound.
At the police station, there was a girl sitting outside of the room I was supposed to be going towards, on a wooden chair. She had a small body frame, and looked like she was only about 5 feet tall. She also had long, brown hair, a tank top, and short-cut shorts on.
 I walked past her, and when an officer whom I don't know the name of saw me, he told me to follow him. I did so. When we reached a door, he told me to open it.
Inside this room, it was completely dark except for a light bulb on it's last leg of usage. There, sitting in a chair and handcuffed to it, was the person who I had a run it with today. There was also a pair of police officers.
"Jess, how's your arm?" One of the officers in the room asked.
"It'll be fine," I answered. "So, is this an interrogation or what?"
"Yeah, we wanted you here for this," one asked.
"So, what exactly is happening here?"
"He admitted to killing that woman."
"The one from this morning?"
I turned to him, "And just what did you gain now?"
"I gained a kill."
"Maybe I should gain one, too."
An officer stepped in, "Jess, calm down. We need to find out, and when he's convicted, you can kill him."
"Fine," I answered. What I thought was, "He's too calm, something's wrong here. He's got to be lying, or not telling us everything, and if he's telling the whole truth, he's too fucked up to be left in the public world."
"Tell me,  because clearly, I don't understand, what made you want to kill that woman?"
At this time, the officer got me a file. I read it. It told me about their reason to believe he killed her. He was dealing drugs to her son, and when she stepped in to stop her son, he murdered her.
"So, that's it, then? You wanted money and you wanted to look hard."
"And you don't?"
"Don't ever try to tell me how to live my life, when all you do is break the law." He had ME on the defensive in this argument.
"And what you do should be against the law. You tore up a warehouse to get me, put 4 lives in danger, and then threatened me with death."
That was the lowest of a low blow he could say.
I slapped him across the face. "Listen, jerk, you're not in charge here. Neither of us are. Now shut up and answer my questions so that I don't have to hold you for more charges."
"Alright, I'll make this easy for you, I killed that woman because of her getting in the way."
That was our proof. He was going to be sent to court, but I knew there had to be something more.
I turned to the officer. "Can you get me some info on murders not yet solved that are linked to the Saints?"
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