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rocknrollstar wrote on Oct 15th, 2012 11:31pm

Hey man thanks for listening. My friend did all the synth and drums parts, I recorded acoustic slide guitar and vocals, then I sent him my parts and he cut it up to his hearts content and mixed it. He's definitely knows more about trance than me and is quite happy to write with MIDI - I do like trance/dance music but I get frustrated with MIDI and like to bash things out - most things I've recorded are 3 takes at a push - I like pressure and believe the whole "keep it fresh" vibe.

I'll mention the mastering points to him and see what we can knock out - we're hoping to do more collaborations together - I'm always looking for work so if something comes to mind feel free to ask. Send any pieces my way in the future for a crit :)



rocknrollstar wrote on Oct 12th, 2012 12:58pm

Black'n'Tan wrote on Oct 11th, 2012 at 4:56am :
The website is free to use and . . .
Your stuff sounds like you've been doing this a lot. I'm interested in your setup and any tricks you've picked up along the way.

Thanks for the info man :) I'll definitely look into it.

Yeah I've been recording since 14/15 so at least 5 years now - tips and tricks wise I'm still learning, I probably have picked up stuff but it's hard just to name it off the top of my head (except when it comes to EQ you should cut rather than boost seems to be a guideline that sticks with me)

My friend and I just done a collaboration - like trance Pink Floyd apparently, have a listen and let me know your thoughts, c4c if you've any other pieces: r-ft-michael-oneil


rocknrollstar wrote on Oct 10th, 2012 12:59pm

Hey man, thanks for the add and for taking the time to listen to my track.

I checked out your site, here you go:

Rat - Nice heavy sound, bit of garage rock, are the vocals double-tracked? they work quite well with the song, my only criticism would be I'm fairly sure that it's a drum machine and maybe just the snare flams, perhaps do something to break them up a bit? the whole song works though, could easily see people singing it. Pretty unique subject matter as well, the lyrics are bizarre, but I like Frank Zappa so anything goes in my book.

Rotting Brains - Same as before man, the good thing is that if I heard both songs at different times, I would know it's the same band. There's a sound there you know?

Beaver - probs the best guitar riff. How exactly do you record man? is it DI'ing the guitar or an amp?

On a side note the website is really professional looking, it's very well laid out.

Hope that something at least man :) thanks again for listening, feel free to respond, we can shoot the shit.


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