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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Music of today, why is it so populair??

Current mood: exhausted

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I slept 12 hours today, so as usual I am exhausted and ready to sleep another 12.
I don't know why, but if I sleep 6 hours im more awake then when i sleep 8-12 hours.
I'm weird.
Still, I was listening to that awesome Gangnam style song (seriously, it's funny as fuck I think). It got me thinking, who are the idiots that actually make this, justin bieber, one direction and Fun so worshipped these days.
It's not just the kiddo's,  I've heard some older people say that "it's not bad". and I KNOW I KNOW, everyone is entitled to their musical taste... but these days it's just crap.
Has the music changed SO much in... lets say... half a century?
Is it all just because the internet came around?
If I watch the Youtube top 100 the only band in there is Linkin Park, and we all know they have gone to shit after their meteora album.
I feel sad when i see this. Top 40 is autotuned to shit, and rock seems to be back underground.
MTV doesn't even show music on TV anymore, yet they still claim to be connected with artists because of those idiot awards they get to hand out each year.  it's bullshit.
It's time we stood up as a group and started to rebel against the cheesy boybands that all sing about 1 girl like they want to gangbang her so bad, and bring back the music that sticks it to the man!
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