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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This is me, at least I think

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With each day my emotional level seems to change.

One day im madly in love and I have to do something to get that one girl
Then there's second dat where I'll see what happens, and decide to take it day by day....Not smart, cause as I said, each day I seem to change.
The next day I'm an emotional disaster
Other days I'm as happy as ever
The day after I could be a complete idiot, or a big jackass.

And today? Today is just too hot, and it makes me feel irritated.
I'm just sitting here at my internship, minding my own business, when that idiotic sun decides to stop playing hide and seek and hit me right in the eyes, through the window to the left of me.
If it didn't burn my entire body away, I would go over there and bitchslap the sun across the face.
Instead I slapped the windows, for intensifying the heat the sun has already made. Thanks window, how does it feel to be responsible for this headache?
That's just me I guess...I hope... I think..
Maybe someday I'll sort it all out, and be myself for the rest of my miserable days on this amazing round sphere that we call Earth.

Dafuq did y'all just read?
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