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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What if you finally made it?

Current mood: tired

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What if you finally made it?

Type of Music Hard Rock

Rockstar Girlfriend Anything that's cute

Band Rider 
(food/drink/other backstage wise) Jack Daniels with ice, and Grolsch

Band Transport Private Jet

Sponsership Deals Fender, Marshall, Ernie ball, Jim Dunlop

Signature Instrument/Gear Fender telecaster thinline with a mini humbucker in the neck and fenders stock pups in the neck position, Sunburst painted with my band logo on the neck plate and headstock. 

Record Label Create my own

Manager Peter Grant

Record Producer N/A

Mastering N/A, i'd be there watching it though. i love to see the masters at work.

Royalty Split Even Cut. Everyone works hard to achieve this goal right?

Approach to Fans I'm no better, I'm only Human

Ridiculous Indulgence  Unbelievable big house with one room full of Marshall JCM's, each full stack ofcourse.

Band Breakup Been there, Done that. i think we'd go on till we just couldn't go any further. (Death, that is.)

Rockstar Death
Plane crash. Stop the "on stage" crap, that's horrible for both you and your fans.

Reply to me with your answer dudes o/
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JohnnyV wrote on Dec 23rd, 2010 3:25am

Type of Music: Hard Rock

Rockstar Girlfriend: Salma Hayek

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise): 1 salad bowl full or original flavored Skittles

Band Transport: Airship

Sponsership Deals: Gibson, Hughes & Kettner, Ernie ball, Radial

Signature Instrument/Gear: Some insane high-end Gibson monster with deadly pick-ups and a sweet paint job.

Record Label: NOT Sony BMG

Manager: Kernel Sanders

Record Producer: The Lone Ranger

Mastering: Bruce Lee

Royalty Split: 60/40

Approach to Fans: The fans are how I got here. Respect.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Sweet car/motorcycle collection

Band Breakup: bassist and drummer would OD on blow

Rockstar Death: I would be assassinated


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