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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My stuff.

Alvarez (acoustic 12 and 6), Michael Kelly (acoustic 12 & 6 & 2 electrics), Martin (acoustic), Carlo Robelli (acoustic & 1 electric), Yamaha (acoustic), a hand made Strat (I built it), Taylor (acoustic), Gibson (3 electrics), Fender (2 electrics), Squire (beater electric), ESP (electric), Schecter (electric), Larrivee (acoustic), Garrison (acoustic) and a Washburn (acoustic).

The Alvarez 12 string was my first. Its a model 5021 with HSC that I bought in 1972 for $200.00. The other is an Alvarez RD20SSB. The Michael Kelly's are a Studio QCE-12 custom (acoustic), a SFFR (acoustic) a Patriot Standard Q and a Jumbo. The Martin is a D-15 that I got secondhand around 1995. The 2 Carlo's were almost all free from Sam Ash (I think I spent a total of $50.00 for 4 of them and gave 2 away). The Yamaha is a model N-700 that I bought around 1981 or 1982 (give or take)... look in Japan if you're interested... they don't sell these in the USA. I finished my hand made Strat a while ago. The Taylor is a model 615CE. The Gibsons are a Les Paul Standard, a 57 Les Paul custom and a 335 dot. The Fenders are a 56 Relic and a Highway 1 (slightly modded). The Squier is an Affinity POS Strat. The ESP is an EC-1000, The Schecter is a C-1 XXX, the Larrivee is a D03E, the Garrison is a G35 and the Washburn is a D11AN.

AMPS: Crate G1200H (ss head), Crate MX120R (ss combo), Fender Princeton Chorus (ss combo - my practice amp), Crate BV120HB (tube head), Original 1975 Fender Twin (tube combo), Traynor YCV80 (tube combo) and a Peavey 5150 (tube head). My cabs are a Fender DT412, Ibanez TB412A (cheap, but it sounds good) and an custom made Avatar 4x12.

My main effects are a Digitech GNX3, Genesis3, Boss GT6 and a Pod XT Pro. I have a ton of individual stomp boxes and wahs, but I hardly use them anymore.

I have a little Behringer PMX2000 P.A., a nice little Mackie D8B (I use it for my digital recordings), a couple of 1500 WRMS stereo power amps to throw at a few JBL speakers and a few other miscellaneous speakers (for the P.A. and to hear a mix) a very cheap Yamaha drumset (I think I've got about $800 or so into it), a Korg M3 Workstation (88 keys), and a ton of other less expensive equipment.

Now that's not counting my kids' instruments, speakers, drum set, 3 computers (for music only... I have a total of 7 othersworking in the house right now) and all of the other musical crap that I own. Its been a nice hobby and I'll continue to do it until the day I die... then my boys can fight over it.

If I do count my kids stuff then I can make it to 32 guitars, plus a couple of keyboards and other various stuff (like 1 of my boys' saxophone), but I don't think that would be fair, as I don't really consider them mine. Although I do enjoy playing that one weird little mini-strat. Its so small that I can run the entire fretboard in a matter of milliseconds and I look funny playing it too!. I like to think of myself as the Midget Guitar King!

I had my own pro studio built in my backyard... fully soundproofed and cost a bundle, but its still hard to keep the bass from gettting out. One room in it is kept at a steady 47% humidity for my acoustics and the whole studio's temperature never moves from 72 F... which plays hell with my electric bill.

Damn... this took a long time to type.
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