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glennmitchell907 (2)
Thursday, February 19, 2009

333XL Transformer Clip - SUPER EASY FIX

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Bugera 333XL Transformer Clip Fix



This is that little bugger that has been causing so many so many head aches...and happened to my 333XL today. Powered everything up, and no power tube glow. I knew what was wrong almost immediately. Sure enough, the filament lead coming off the transformer arc'd and melted the plastic clip connected to the preamp board. 


So,I hopped in my car and took it in to the local TV/Electronics repair shop in my small little town to get a "second" opinon and I had to twist Bob's arm to accept $5.00 for his 7 minute fix.


Here's what we found:


Primary Transformer Lead Clip location.





Shure enough...that bugger sparked from a loose connction.





The Fix:


1. Unplug the clip and clean the posts by scraping with a screw driver. The lead that arc'd will have oxidization on it that you got to get off there or the solder won't stick to it. With a soldering gun "wrap" some solder around the burnt post.


2. Cut only the burn lead off the clip. Strip it back a few .mm and wrap some solder around it, then solder it diretly onto the post.


3. Repeat steps one and two, only cut the wire you are getting ready to solder so you don't screw up the correct order of the wires. Bend the posts away from each other a bit just for space.


That's're done and ready to rock!!


Should look something like this when you're done.




Close up of torched Clip



***Ok folks, a little update about that burnt molex transformer clip fix....

It's been about three years since I cut off that clip and soldered the leads directly to the pins. Well I had another failure and I suspect that pin 1 got torched enough to eventually stop transfering current.

Symptoms with pin 1 out:
The standby light shuts off and there will be NO sound. The amp acts as if it is "stuck" in standby mode. The tube heaters stay on, and all other electronics seem to work.

The fix:
1. Draw yourself a little schematic of the preamp PCB wires and mark all those tiny little clips so you can reassemble them correctly.
2. Remove the preamp PCB.
3. Unsolder the burnt pin and solder in a GOLD pin instead of the cheap TIN stuff that comes stock. Resolder you lead.
4. Reassemble. Hopefully you marked well and took good notes from step 1.

***Another option is to remove all the pins and solder all the OT leads directly to the PCB.***

I've yet to go thru the procedure myself, but my ohm meter tells me pin 1 is toast. I will let you all know how its goes.



As it turns out, the OT leads/posts where fine. What I found was a dislocated solder joint on the preamp PCB. The white table-top looking resistor where the factory had wires stretched over the top and it broke loose. It took more time removing all the glue and clips from the PCB, than it did resoldering it up. After reassembling, it fired right up!!
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HouseBoy83 wrote on Feb 22nd, 2009 2:43pm

awsome info man...thats what happened to my amp a bout a month ago. i have the 6262 and the same thing happend, i would get power to the amp, but no power tube glow or anything. its under warranty so they are fixing it for free, but when i get it back im gonna check it all out. and the after April im gonna solder everything down


Jesstaa wrote on Mar 5th, 2009 7:36am

Any way to prevent this from happening without soldering? (I don't have a soldering iron, nor do I have any money lol(except for just enough to buy a 333xl head =D))


daekfire wrote on May 13th, 2009 6:04pm

Having started to try out your fix we ran into some trouble pretty quickly. We can't seem to find a way to get the clip off, there's glue preventing it from actually unclipping and we're wary of pulling too hard as we don't want to break the pegs or the circuit board entirely. Is there some kind of trick to getting it off? We're stumped.


sesstreets wrote on Sep 9th, 2009 3:32am

You shouldn't have to ever do this.


Mech-cannibal wrote on Aug 15th, 2010 1:57am

this worked well! great info!


Tenebrion wrote on Jul 14th, 2011 11:25pm

qestion is it better to do this fix when you have the amp recently new??or just wait till it burns??


Tenebrion wrote on Oct 2nd, 2011 12:24am

hahahahaha just to update i did the fix hahahaha it took a little to do it right but finally i got it thank u


musiruiz77 wrote on May 18th, 2015 3:40am

I'll try and let you know if it works, I hope....


glennmitchell907 wrote on Nov 6th, 2017 9:36am

My old bandmate's dad had fixed mine when it failed multiple times, with the help of some people on the internet, possibly this exact post. Thanks! THIS IS GOOD STUFF!

If for some reason you have a legacy Bugera in 2017 that's failed.


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