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Nightmares & Dreamscapes   (05:42)
This was the final project that I recorded for my Digital Recording and Editing class in Ithaca this Fall. The entirety of this composition has been created with extensive use of sampling, looping, and FX plugins in Pro Tools HD 7.

The composition includes the use of my own timbres that I designed myself, and loops, as well as material sampled from these artists:

1. Vladimir Horowitz - Schubert Impromptu in Eb
2. Nik Bärtsch's Ronin - Modul 41_17
3. Charles Mingus - I'm Getting Sentimental Over Yo...
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Prayer for the Forgotten   (06:39)
This was recorded for a friend's recording project. This is essentially spoken word/poetry backed by guitar and bass.

It was a completely improvised first take recording.

Hope you enjoy it.
~*Om Shanti*~

Bailey Solomon - Spoken Word
Pat Murphy - Upright Bass
Srinjay Banerjee - Guitar

Recorded and produced by Brooks Binau.
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