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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tacos & Llamas

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Hello world,
I just wanted everybody to know that tacos are very yummy and that llamas are awesome and such things. :headbang:
So anyways, let me tell a little about myself, I am currently a drummer in a band with three other dudes and we call ourselves BLIND PILOT!!!
So yeah pretty sweet, I love long moonlit walks on the beach, unicorns, and eating tacos.
My hobbies include snowboarding, drumming, skateboarding, snowboarding, "singing", being a jack-ass, snowboarding, playing guitar, playing bass, acting, snowboarding, directing, filming, snowboarding, and eating... oh and snowboarding.
As you may have possibly guessed I like snowboarding, and if you don't I'll be forced to beat you up and feed you to my hamster (I don't actually have a hamster). So enjoy snowboarding or face my wrath.
ta-ta for now
~love Moritz
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Awesome Mana wrote on Jun 23rd, 2009 5:15am

Wow Moritz... where do I begin.

You are such a pompous asshole. You act as if anybody wants to read your stupid blogs at all. Hell, you only wrote them so that you could have a bit higher "profile completeness" or whatever. It's completely useless. I'm not sure why you even wasted your time in writing this, or any of your blogs for that matter.

~love Moritz


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