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Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Cum Blood - Cannibal Corpse Review (you know you

Current mood: accomplished

Hey, it's Foggy here, and I'm back after a long ass hiatus to bring you a review of the song that spawned a UG 'meme'; Cannibal Corpse's "I Cum Blood". Now, this track comes straight off their 1992 album 'Tomb of the Mutilated", which also had the death metal juggernaut "Hammer Smashed Face" and the slightly misogynist "Addicted To Vaginal Skin", which were both of my favorite songs as a teenage metalhead. But we're not here to talk about those songs, so let's get to the review.
The track starts off with a fast guitar riff panned to your left ear, as per typical Cannibal Corpse style. After a couple measures, the whole band comes in, and you really feel the intensity and urgency that the track is conveying. It's like a rhino just ran into you. Anyway, the drums seem to alternate between full on speedy blastbeat and a more laid-back one at a seemingly random pace. It's almost like the drummer is trying to confuse you as to what the tempo is (hint: the slow parts are half-time).
Then, everything drops like a pin and the guitar switches to a sludgy, slightly disturbed riff that seems to imply horrible things are on the horizon (zombie rape, perhaps?) and then that's where Barnes comes in, growling out the horrible rape while the band casts a nightmarish backdrop for your imagination to wander into and subsequently be horrified by. This, I found to be my favorite part, as I've gotten a bit worn out on the super-fast riffing present in the intro.
Then, this whole song goes through, with the drummer going in and out of half-time, the guitarists smashing through riffs like cinder blocks, and Barnes growling out this gut-wrenching scenario, then, right at the end of the song, there's a guitar solo! Granted, it's more Slayer than Steve Vai, but there's no place for subtle nuances in brutal death metal. This solo just tears out like a tiger through human flesh, ripping and slicing through the last few seconds of the song, and it's a good solo for what it's worth.
All in all, I give this song a 8/10. They did a great job of painting an audio picture of death and violence that that makes non-metalheads cringe as much as it makes metalheads headbang their brains out. And Germany seems to agree with me, as they've banned the album.
It's been great making this review, Can't wait for the next one! See ya then!
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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Odyssey - Shake The Disease (Depeche Mode Cover)

Current mood: geeky

OK this is my first blog.

It's on the track "Shake The Disease" By Odyssey, on their album "Reinventing The Past", an album of covers (with the exception of the last three tracks, "I Am Two", "I Carry A Secret", And "Amon-Ra", which are originals as far as I'm concerned)

Onto the track. This particular track is a cover of "Shake The Disease" by one of my favorite bands, Depeche Mode. Now, seeing as the original track is light (even by my standards of DM, which consists of Black Celebration,) And Odyssey are a power metal band, they had to beef it up somewhat.

And beef it up they did, in the place of the soft crooning and percussion of the original, we have a haunting wail and heavy guitars. They also put a piano in the place of the synthesizers, which I find make it more atmospheric. The chorus also is beefed up, with ringing power chords, and operatic singing that is commonly found in power metal. The only thing I miss off the original is the soft crooning of the vocalists in DM, but Odyssey seem to make the haunting wails and operatic singing work within the song.

A particular favorite of mine on this track is both the solo (which follows the vocal melody of the verses,) and the build up from the verse to the chorus. These parts show that Odyssey can take a synthpop song, turn it into power metal, and have it still be somewhat accessible. This is a song on par with Dignity's "Arrogance and Rapture," which is in a similar vein.

Overall, I give it a 7/10, only because the transition to the opening wails after the first chorus kind of makes me a bit disoriented, and it sounds a bit like every other power metal band I've heard. But all in all, it's a great song.
I strongly recommend it to fans of power metal, symphonic metal, or metal with operatic singers and minimalistic guitar work.

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