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Monday, February 13, 2012


Current mood: artistic

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Oh UG, never change.

I was banned October 2009, for a few reasons.  For a few reasons, I've become interested in UG again.  Looking back on posts from 2+ years ago, I can't shake my head enough in shame.  God I despise the things I say sometimes.  If I could run around the world and erase the things I said from people's minds, I would.  Ugh.  

Since my ban, I've done ~3 years hard time in 4chan, but lets not talk about that. We all know what goes on there.  
(I actually started my ventures there a while before I was banned here.)

I'm trying to better myself a little everyday.  I run (when it's not freezing). I drink tea.  I also do things any other 21 year old does on weekends.  I try to be sociable.  I've weaned myself off my passive aggressive attention whoring like I used to do.  Almost. I'm not immune to the occasional bouts of horn blowing.  I try to find new music, or at least I'm open to suggestions.  (Which led my to my new-found love of solo piano music and punk radio on Pandora.)
I vent here and through various other mediums.  I'm not the greatest wordsmith, despite my menial attempts at mastering my native language.  So I play guitar.  

Well now I'm starting to lose focus and if I keep on, I'm going to end up on one of my wild tangents I'm prone to.

Cheers, Reader.

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