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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Archive, BOTM: Warwick Fortress One.

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Hey guys. Up this month is another new Bass i have purchased!

I bought this on ebay for ?310, its a real 1996 Warwick Fortress one. But with Jazz pickups together in a musicman style configuration.

It comes with all the Warwick hardware. MEC active pickups with 3 band eq in three twin function pots. Two of the main knobs are the volumes for each side of the coil and the other main knob is the overall volume. The Secondary knob functions of all three are Bass Midrange and Treble EQ.

The neck is typical warwick fare. What looks to me a completely wenge neck. a very thin neck but quite deep. Never had a bass that had a neck like this, but is very usable and quite fast to use.

The body is made from two peice maple. The bass has a rather bright sound with alot of mids. Alot like a P-bass ((good)) Though the EQ can cut them quite well and let me play slap (good).

Your probably wondering how i got a warwick this cheap. Well! It has been well played and sweated on and it hasent been cleaned in a while. The back of the bass has the worst case of buckle rash i have ever seen. This bass has been used for hundreds of gigs according to the previous owner.

I personally love the looks of this bass and i hope i will be using this at its first gig this saturday coming and i will tell you all how it turned out! I think this may replace my tokai P-bass as live weapon of choice.

This bass just plays so well and feels absoloutly solid and quality in my hands. So solid it feels like a p-bass.

I hope to carry on this bass's live playing tradition. But one things for certain. Im not wearing belts whilst playing it!
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