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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Archive, BOTM: Tokai P-Bass

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Tokai P-bass.
Made in Japan.
20 Frets.
?360 In bath.

Hey guys. Up for this couple of weeks BOTM is my much loved Tokai p-bass. This is a more modern version of the famous Lawsuit copies. This is the high end Japanese version of the Tokai Hard Puncher. ((Lower end being made in korea))

I wanted a Fender Type bass after getting rid of my Stagg beginners bass so i decided to go out shopping Which i came happening across this bueat.

I played it compared to a Tokai jazz, I just had to have the P. it felt more solid, more like i was playing a bass rather then a feather duster. The finish was fantastic really solid and a translucent sort of creme colour. The Neck was really brilliant to play on, chunky like a P-bass, but not incredibly chunky ass like some fender p-basses from the 70's. It was also incredibly fast which i was really suprised at.

The first gig i used it at was that very night i bought it.

It performed admirably. And became my first choice bass.

9 months on it still is! After buying many other basses such as a Kramer Flying V aluminum neck and Warwick Fortress M These basses cost well over twice the amount the tokai cost. The tokai is still my main bass. Why ?

Its solid, it works, It doesant require batterys love or attention ((though i do give it that)) I can pick it up and it will play, Never had any fretbuzz, Never has had a setup, Absoloutly no fiddly problems. The overall sound on the pickup is very balanced and have had no trouble getting a cutting sound through the mix at a live gig. ((Unlike the warwick and the Kramer))
As with most P-basses It is very middy sounding which i love. A great near overdriven tone. Perfect for My death metal and my indie rock. I can really get around this fretboard very fast.

I've use this bass for 3 Studio Cds and has never let me down. Ive allways had comments about how great the bass sounds and how great it cuts through the mix.

I will allways keep this bass. Its my least craziest guitar out ofc my collection and the only one that hasent been modified. As soon as my John myung is paid off, im so going Tokai again!

All i can say is that Tokai>Fender.

All you People looking after a Fender type bass. Look no further!


Taken at the a gig last thursday.
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