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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Archive, UGER of the Month (First ever one)

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Hey gang, after a brief conversation with beat, I brought up the idea of having an uger of the week, where a guitarist who browses these forums can write about themselves show off all of their equipment and tell us about them. So if anyone wants to write one then pm I and get put on the waiting list.

Anyway all about me!

My names rob, I?m 18 I come from Bristol and I am a confessed guitar collector.
I started playing last year in July. It was my 17th birthday and I had been pestering my parents to buy me a guitar and amp for about 12 months considering I always wanted to learn.
I chose a vintage telecaster with a honher panther 20 watt amp. My uncle also bought me a boss me-30 multi effects pedal.
I erm, wasn?t the best at all. It took me about a month and a half to learn power chords and after that I thought "wow this guitar playing is a bit of an easy lark aint it?" of course, I thought this was all I needed to learn

At that time I decided that I wanted to sound a bit heavier and considering it I had a telecaster, I thought ....hmmmm
So the twang banger was quickly exchanged for a Seymour Duncan hot rails mini humbucker, now this is one powerful piece of kit. When put through a traynor ycv80 at the shop I was gobsmacked, it sounded so much heavier and alot longer from a sustain this was the beginning of my much famed \M/ Tele \M/ ((copyrighted)) when I got back home from my then current girlfriends house ((*****)) I tried out through my hohner... I was very disappointed, at that time I was so new to guitar playing, and I didn?t know that the amp was the important thing. Luckily with crimbo around the corner my dad spotted a 65 watt custom sound keyboard amp in a local pawn shop for ?55, so he bought it for me crimbo present! Thanks dad! I loved this amp, it was so much louder, and my power chords were thumping through the single 15inch speaker. What I did like about this amp was that there were 4 inputs so my mate used it for his bass as well and handled it quite well at low levels. The ultimate gigging tool in my opinion, a multi use amp!
One day my power chord days came to an end, when a 14 year old girl came over played my guitar and whooped my ass, I was like: O what the **** are those? Yup that?s right, she was playing chords. She taught me a few and left I thoroughly humiliated ((cries)).
So this steeled me, and I started learning chords. I still haven?t learnt their names to this day, and I prolly never will, but I know what sounds good in my mind. About last February I considered getting a new guitar, so I went to Cardiff to see "sum41 \M/" one of my fave bands and in my opinion quite original these days. And I spotted a cheap "goffic" strat for ?99, it played...ok through a good amp, I only really bought it for its looks. I took it home after the gig.

My god what a pile of ****e it was.
It sounded very good clean, that nearly saved it. But it wasn?t good enough; it was poorly constructed and badly set up.
So I chucked that in for a new squeeze. A godin radiator, brand new for about ?350. My god great guitar, excellent clean not so good disto but I loved it, the neck was the most comfortable ever played and it was an excellent rhythm guitar. A dream.
Fast forwarding a few months, during that time I put in 2 fernandes sustainers one after the other into my tele and they burnt out. But I did manage to put a coil tap into it which gave it back its twang. I picked up some single stomps, a boss compressor, a boss v wah, an old arbiter treble booster. Also I picked up a Stagg M bass which I love. It?s a lovely looking bass, not the best player but the sound is very heavy thanks to the dual musicman humbuckers and the great jazz gold hardware and placid blue body stands out.

Then I realised, my amp was going to blow if it was put through continued abuse. It had been faithful but it was rattling and I didn?t want to blow it. So it was out looking for a new amp. I came across an old 80?s laney single channel 50 watt valve amp with a broken volume pot which crackled really badly when turned and practically exploded the amp, so I took it for ?150 ((a right bobby dazzler)) and lobbed it up to my mates shop to get it sorted for a fiver, its one bloody loud mother ****er. It roars like a marshall albeit with less gain and features. But for ?150 for an all valve 2x12 combo i am not complaining at all.

At this time I was experimenting with solos and bought a keyboard to learn some piano pieces ((which I have still neglected to do.)) chords had started to become easier and I became an accomplished rhythm guitarist, the day I played dire straits ?money for nothing? was probably what my dad described as ?the best thing you?ll probably ever achieve son?.
Thanks dad
To cut a long story short, I bought a squire katana and put a Seymour Duncan trembucker in the bridge, good sound, at this point me and streamline w
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