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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Archive, GOTM: Bender Distortocaster

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Now i decided to choose something a little different for this weeks GOTW, i have a freind who owns a vintage guitar shop and has recieved a Fender strat copy, but its not an ordinary strat. Its a Bender Distortocaster! Its true some guy has litrally made a strat that looks like its been very much distorted and melted and so forth.
It has standard strat specs,
3 single coils
syncrhonised trem
Maple neck
5 way selector
Now i have to say this instrument isent much of a looker, but i can tell you now its one of the most comfortable and best playing instruments i have ever played! i dont know how but its intonated perfectly, i man named brain eastwood has designed and built these for a long time, and i have to say he must be a mathmatical genuis everything is perfect! the trem works well, it stays in tune, and is more comfortable to play then your average fender!

Despite the seemingly impossible appearance of the instrument, it actually functions like a normal top-notch electric, thanks to numerous unique aspects of the design. Quality of construction and components ensures that this is not just a looker - playability and sounds are equally impressive. Visually, the BENDER DISTORTORCASTER obviously speaks for itself, but here are just some of the not-so-apparent details concerning this larger than-life instrument: The body is constructed from synthetic moulded halves bonded to a full-length central core of obeche. This method provides strength, reduces weight and ensures manufacturing consistency. The all-maple neck incorporates a fully-adjustable truss-rod and, in addition to the various optical distortions, features a lateral twist to aid string-bending in the higher positions. Armstrong 'Vintage' single-coils are fitted as standard, ensuring a faithful reproduction of the real thing. The centre unit is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum-cancelling operation when combined with neck or bridge pickups. The middle control progressively blends centre and bridge pickups in series-humbucker mode, providing high-powered tonal variation. The other two controls comprise master volume and tone.
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