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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Archive, GOTM: Metal Tele MK2

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Hey guys.

Considering the guy who was next didnt produce a GOTM fast enough i decided to put up the next one!

For the past 2 years i have been slowly working on my second part o caster. The first one being a Homemade strat which was absoloutly fantastic. It was probably the second project ever to be fully followed on UG (Following after Streamlines epic)
Finished results Pictured below.


(Why Mk2? My first ever guitar was turned into a metal tele and i allways wanted top repeat the feat.)

Anyway, Straight after finishing the project i decided to start afresh, I aquired a Washburn Telecaster body with no bridge rout (Used to have a washburn wonderbar which requires no routing. It also came with a neck that was unworkable which had to eventually be scrapped.

After a bit contemplating i decided to sell most of the parts off ((At a profit)) And keep the body.

I ripped the binding off of the body. I filled in the holes left there and drilled anew. I made four more holes for volume and tone pots and made another hole for a 3 way switch. I also routed out for a Kahler.

I managed to purchase another neck from an old Hohner ((Which was rather metal i must say.)) It originally came with no binding.

I sent off the guitar to be resprayed and to put in some new binding.

However I wanted the colour of the guitar to be black and with red binding to give it the ultimate in metal looks!

I also found some additional hardware. Such as some old EMG passives from the 80s that dont actually sound that bad and were produced for the japanese market.

I waited for about a year and a half for the work to be done ((The guys who did it had a huge backlog)).

The guitar came back to me today I wired in the pickups set it up and played!

There is one problem with the finish being there is a ding in the paintwork on the front of the body during transport. However it will be sorted very soon :)

If you want ultra high res close ups click on the below links

Seriously you WANT to view these, the guitar looks so much better and has more impact with these.

The bridge pickup has a ****tonne of gain, Its absoloutly screams with (metal) The neck pickup is superclean and can put out a healthy amount of gain. ,IN all its a metal machine. The volume and tone knob selection is very versatile (however i need to get a new selection of pot covers).

The bridge is very heavy, Its not a original Kahler (like my ironbirds) But it is of good quality. All the parts i used were of Japanese manufacturer and Painted and bound by UK luthiers.

Its a unique guitar and very metal. :) I am very happy of it.

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