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Tone Row Experiment #1   (00:30)
I've become interested in the music of Berg and Webern as of late, and have begun experimenting with Schoenberg's Twelve Tone technique. I've yet to get used to not relying on the use of tonality in order to create and release tension, so my compositions so far have been amateurish. Nevertheless, this is a short composition using a tone matrix I've been toying with. As you'll hear, I've had some difficulty avoiding brief suggestions of tonality. { Tags : Serialism, Twelve, Tone, Technique, Row, Schoenberg }
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Improvisation #2 - Alban Berg   (03:53)
This is an improvisation based on a tone row created by Alban Berg for use in the first movement of his Lyric Suite. Like many of Berg's rows, this one is intentionally designed to contain suggestions of tonality. Although I avoid strong tonality, there are frequent, brief tonicizations made possible by taking substantial liberty with the note choices.
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Improvisation #1 in C# minor   (02:35)
A short improvisation to test the recording capabilities of my Motif XS8. { Tags : Improvisation }
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Improvisation #3 - Alexander Scriabin   (04:00)
Improvisation loosely based on themes from written by Alexander Scriabin; specifically, Etudes Op.2 and Op.8/12, and the White Mass Sonata.
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