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Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothing to Fear - Lyrics

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Ever since I saw the world I always felt molested.
In the face of tyranny we’re beat down and arrested.
Power hungry politicians lying to the nation. 
Well we will not be fooled. It’s time to start the revolution.

The system tries to control us.
But freedom comes, the day is near.  
Cos with fire in our hearts and wind in our hair,
We know we’ve nothing to fear.

We’ll never yield to their abuse; we’ll stand up tall and proud.
They try to silence us but we will shout out loud.


No more lies and
No more hate and
No more blood and
No more tears and

No more turning
No more running
No more cowering
No more fears

Grab your bats and
Find your bricks and
Never fear their bags of tricks.

The time has come to rise against and fight

Chorus x2

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