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ruker wrote on Jan 31st, 2013 10:16pm

My thread was closed so I couldn't reply to your post. But the downside of stealing tabs is the original tabbers stop tabbing. Some of my favorite tabbing buddies have quit tabbing for this exact reason. So that means the only people that have the skill to tab the insane tabs (we're talking brutal/technical death metal bands here) that are getting stolen left and right, will stop tabbing, and NO ONE gets to learn songs the easy way (by tab as opposed to by ear). And it's not like the tabs are a secret either, simple google searches will find them all on our site.

I also have a few tabs that are ready to submit, but after getting jacked by a bunch of bots, I'm not so sure I want to post my tabs on the internet anymore.

It was about principle 6 years ago when this happened. Now that some great tabbers have hung up their keyboards in the wake of that, it's about keeping the integrity of this community, so that those of us that can actually tab songs want to keep tabbing.


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