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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life's Walls --lyrics

Current mood: apathetic

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Life's Walls

verse 1

I look out at the people walking along the street

They go on their way doing anything and everything

While I sit here trapped inside my room

They are free to do anything they chose


I live inside my mind free from any borders

But my physical being is trapped by mortar

I can't remember the last time i roamed free

When I wasn’t suppressed by life’s tyranny

verse 2

I spend my free time starring at walls

Straining my mind to try and make them fall

The walls that conceal the gates of hell

Or the walls that surround my personal cell

repeat chorus


Trapped by these walls

Surrounded by these walls

Caged by these walls

Suppressed by these walls

verse 3

The walls you put around me

Are keeping me from breathing

I am a functioning human no longer

I thought life was meant to make us stronger?


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