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Sunday, February 24, 2008

possibly my longest post ever...

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so it all started when i read the 'in my pants game' thread.

See, the point of the game is name some songs and then afterwards add 'in my pants'

I JUST COULDNT HOLD IT IN!!! so, this is how my reply was:

sorry, couldnt find my other post

whole lotta rosie in my pants - AC/DC
TNT in my pants- AC/DC
One in my pants-Metallica
yellow submarine in my pants- Beatles
Space oddity in my pants- David bowie
Beth In my pants- KISS
I dont wanna stop in my pants- Ozzy
Iron Man in my pants- Black Sabbath
No more tears in my pants- Ozzy
and justice for all in my pants-Metallica
Sweet pain in my pants- KISS
Dr Love in my pants- KISS
DR feelgood- motley crue
Girls Girls Girls in my pants- Motley Crue
Fits like a glove in my pants- KISS
Creatures of the night in my pants-KISS
Girls in my pants-Beastie Boys
Spam in my pants- Beastie Boys
Milk and cereal in my pants- Buckwheat boys
Ice cream and cake in my pants- Buckwheat Boys
Sweet child o mine in my pants- GNR
Paradise City-GNR
Papercut in my pants-Linkin Park
Only Women bleed in my pants-Alice Cooper
Poison in my pants-Alice cooper
Nothin but a good time in my pants- Poison
What I've done in my pants- Linkin Park
Home Sweet home in my pants- Motley Crue
Smells like teen spirit in my pants-Nirvana
Come as you are in my pants- Nirvana
In bloom in my pants- Nirvana
Lake of Fire in my pants- Nirvana
War pigs in my pants- Ozzy
Mr Crowley in my pants- Ozzy
Lay it down in my pants- Ratt
Hot for teacher in my pants-Van Halen
I wanna rock in my pants- Twisted sister
come on feel the noize in my pants- Quiet Riot
Rock Bottom in my pants- KISS
I've had enough in my pants-KISS
Ballroom blitz in my pants-Krokus, Sweet, others
Hair of the dog in my pants- Nazereth
Rocket in my pants-Def Leppard
Pyromania in my pants- Def Leppard
Hysteria in my pants-Def Leppard
Burn bitch burn in my pants- KISS
Mainline in my pants-KISS
I've had enough in my pants-KISS
Mr Brownstone in my pants- GNR
Beggar's day in my pants-Nazereth
Black Sabbath in my pants-Black Sabbath
Black dog in my pants- Led Zeppelin
The Ocean in my pants-Led Zeppelin

I think I'm done for today :)

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