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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The wonders that are seven string baritone guitars

Current mood: crushed

Deftones, Korn, Fear Factory, Orgy, Steve Vai, Doug Doppler (student of Joe Satriani and artist of Steve Vai's record label Favored Nation) and Jeff Loomis of Nevermore. They all have something in common, seven string guitars. Steph Carpenter of Deftones actually uses 7 string Baritone, signature ESP guitars that have been known to of been dropped to a low F on some occasions. Now some people might think that that is extreme and over the top...screw them! Extreme, over the top, its what guitar is all about! Some of my favourite guitars are extremist: Tom Morello, Dimebag Darrel, Daron Malakian, all players of the utmost quality and style! I have been looking for the perfect seven string guitar for a long time and I have not yet found one, I think the only option for me to do is to buy something farely cheap like a Schecter Omen Etreme and replace the pickups and any other cheap equipment that may come along with the guitar. I am very glad that very few artist use seven string guitars as I don't desire for them to become the 'standard' for nu metal bands. Trivium, Slipknot, In This Moment and Dream Theatre have all dabbled with seven string guitars in a few of their tracks and it does sound very exciting and deep but I just don't want it to become the 'new thing'. In my opinion the seven string guitar is a new method in which one can generate riffs and ideas from, not just a mindless way to sound lower than low, if that is your plan, why not just play a bass guitar, put light gauge strings on it and add a distortion or overdrive to it! I am in a band that doesn't play extreme metal like Fear Factory or even Korn although we do encourage each other to add more grooves similar to what Korn do. But we generally follow more along the lines of Deftones with a more melodic, epic style. I don't enjoy describing our sound because I never like reading about other bands saying, "Oh yeah', well I think we sound very like Metallica but our lead guiarist bases more of his techniques on Megadeth with sweeping and spanish scales. While our singer tries to sound like Pantera with low, gutteral growls."
I know its fair enough to put your opinion across about what you imagine yourself to sound like, but something I just don't give a crap what you think of yourself, it only matters what the public thinks you sound like in the end of the day, for record sales anyway. If you want to think you sound like Rage Against The Machine and you are a death metal band then thats up to you but the public will not respect you very much!
Anyway, enough of my angry cynical rambling and I'll return to my love of seven string guitars...there bloody great aren't they! I love trying out alternate tunings and the such and the seven strings that I have played in shops and at friends house have complemented that really well. (The shop keeper wasn't too pleased with a messed up tuning on his guitar)
I do truly hoope that the perfect seven string guitar comes along, it took two years to find the perfect electric guitar (Maverick F-1, then the Razorback came out of course!) So come on guitar manafactures...I want a seven string guitar that looks hella cool, is not black (I already have two black guitars) has a long scale length so I can reach low tunings such as G# if needed, has two humbucker pickups of the utmost quality (does not have to EMG's) has two tone and two volume knobs so I can add toggle switching to my playing, has 24 frets, does not have stupid cross inlays (Jesus did not die on a cross, where on earth did everyone get that idea from?). I suppose thats about all I ask for, oh and a neck that is in between an Ibanez or Maverick and a Gibson LP or PRS. The woods need to have a nice resonatating sound to them as well! HA! Cheers folks!

I'm An Ass
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Monday, November 05, 2007

The lustful art of Hybrid Picking!

I have started practising the glorious technique of Hybrid Picking, an advancement on 'Chicken Picking'! For the last six months I have been writting a few exercises to build up speed and the like but didn't progress very much. Not until I learned that other heavy metal guitarist like Brent Hinds from Mastodon (WOOT!) uses it and John 5 has recorded video lessons for Total Guitar magazine which includes that technique and has been of great help to me in improving Hybrid Picking. I first became interested in it when I saw a unknown Jazz guitarist in a pub in Leicestershire, England three years ago. I noticed he could string skip from the 6th to the high E so quickly when it could take years to get up to that kind of speed with a plectrum. I tried it out but i failed miserably! I couldn't even finger pick normally, even after a few months of practise. So I gave up hope until I saw Mastodon playing in Dublin and noticed him playing some amazing solo's using this techinque! Even the riffs he has written require Hybrid Picking. I was astonished at this because if you tried to play his solo's and riffs without using that technique, you could be there for hours running circles around yourself trynig to complete it acurately. What amazed me even further was that when I tried it again (obviously I had improved a lot since I had first saw the Jazz guitarists demonstration) and I did it! I was naturally quite competant at Hybrid Picking when I hadn't even used normal finger picking in a long time! I waas so chuffed with myself that I continued to practise different exercises as I stated and I have written a number of songs based on that technique that my band have now began working on for our originals! I think everyone shoudl try it, I personally found it so very easy compared to string skipping, albeit it wasn't very accurate, I do believe that I can correct that with a year of solid practise and then I'll be picking and pluckin' my way to succes!!! Cheers Folks!

I Am An Ass
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Billy Gould, Munky, Wes Borland?!

Current mood: artistic

It could be an awesome group if they hit if off well. I'm a bit disapointed at the same time though as I was really anticipating the reunion of Faith No More and I loved Korn's new album and seeing them live still kicked ass. Although this would be a perfect time to disband, I still would really miss them. At least I got to see them live, unlike System Of A Down! They should of played to Ireland, then broke up!
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Does anyone like the way I write my reviews?

Current mood: geeky

Although I haven't written many, my review of Placebo's Black Market Music was on the bulletin Board and had quite a few comments seeing as it was only up for a day.
I hope people like how I write?
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rage Against The Machine!

Current mood: disappointed

They are headlining Oxegen festival this summer and it could be amazing. Although I'm not going, I would of course bloody love to see Rage playing. But to be honest, if I was going to see them, I'd much rather see them in a small club, I don't feel like they belong on a big festival stage. Maybe thats being to narrow minded?
Besides the rest of the line up for Oxegen isn't as a good as last years which is a shame. I would of gone again if it was a little better.
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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bloody Metronomes!

Is it just me, or am I sick of hearing people tell me you have to use a metronome if you want to become a fast and accurate player?!
There are a shed load of excellent guitarists who never used a metronome, they just used a know that old classic way of becoming good! Jamming!!!!!!
It puts me down so much when all I here is, play with a click, its the only way you'll improve! Well, I guess that means Jimi Hendrix, EVH, Dimebag Darrel, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, Daron Malakian, Jack White, Colin Greenwood, MIke McCready, Brent Hinds, Neil Young, Robbie Krieger, Jerry Cantrel, ect. are all lame! Well the last time I checked, they all rocked!!!
So enough of this, you MUST abide by the metronome, and all that, you are obliged to practise in this way and that way to become brilliant...just like me!!
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

This business with Pete Wentz.

Current mood: apathetic

I'd like to clear up some theories that people may have on this subject that has been so pointlessly brought back up, years after the incident actually happened.

To begin, Fal Out Boy do not suck, they are just another band that do their thing. They won Best Live Band of the year in Total Guitars reader awards in 2007 so that must count for something?

Whether Pete actually had good reason to try and kill himself is irrelevant when it comes to depression. It was foolish of him to bring it all back up, but maybe he just wanted people to understand "emos" better. That maybe there are some out there that are real depressives and undergo all their emo acts for their own reasons. Reasons, I might add, that are non of anyone else's business. If they choose to tell the world about their last suicide attack, or the last incident where they harmed themselves, thats there business. I personally wouldn't tell the whole world what I've done, but people look for attention in different ways in this life, not just with a blade and dark eye makeup.

People should stop saying that, 'he should of finished the job, or he can't even kill himself, let alone play music.' I agree with you, if your going to kill yourself, do it properly and if you fail, don't let the whole world know! But on the other hand, its not fair when you don't know the full facts.
You don't know me, are you going to start making comments about my mental state or my life? No, you don't me as much as you don't know Pete.
So its best if your comments of racial hatred and servititude towards your own opinions are kept to a minimal. And the times that you have something you feel strongly about and wish to express them, try and be polite, mannerly and respectul of other peoples lives. The basic fact is, he's messed up!

Digitaly Clean
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

100 Greatest Guitarists

I hope you people enjoy this list I gathered together through my search of the internet and my record collection. I also hope it doesn't seem biased in any way and covers all areas of guitar players styles and their musical genres. If anyone has any suggestions or commendations, maybe corrections, or just personal opinions, then post away!

Basically, this list was compiled by looking at all the different aspects of guitar playing and the social industry behind it, and then creating a list that is based around a few simple qualities: Technical proficiency, originality, ability to compose and write memorable songs, general style and class, tone, versatility, live playing abilities and probably the most important factor, how influential the artist has been to the public and the fans that followed, and the guitar as a whole. So here it is.

  1. David Gilmour

  2. Jimi Hendrix

  3. Eddie Van Halen

  4. Jimmy Page

  5. Joe Satriani

  6. Steve Vai

  7. Andres Segovia

  8. Eric Clapton

  9. Django Reinhardt

  10. BB King

  11. Jeff Beck

  12. Slash

  13. Stevie Ray Vaughan

  14. Paul Gilbert

  15. Kirk Hammett

  16. Randy Rhoads

  17. Eric Johnson

  18. Shawn Lane

  19. John 5

  20. Tom Morello

  21. Yngwie Malmsteen

  22. Matt Bellamy

  23. Tony Iommi

  24. John Petrucci

  25. John Frusciante

  26. Mark Knopfler

  27. Carlos Santana

  28. Dimebag Darrel

  29. Fredrik Thordendal

  30. Kurt Cobain

  31. Robert Johnson

  32. Jerry Garcia

  33. Ritchie Blackmore

  34. Larry Carlton

  35. Leo Kottke

  36. Brian May

  37. Al DiMeola

  38. Jonny Greenwood

  39. Allan Holdsworth

  40. Ron Thal (Bumblefoot)

  41. Danny Gatton

  42. Peter Green

  43. Chet Atkins

  44. Michael Angelo Batio

  45. Dave Murray

  46. Billy Corgan

  47. Daron Malakian

  48. Angus Young

  49. Marty Friedman

  50. George Harrison

  51. James Hetfield

  52. John McLaughlin

  53. Zakk Wylde

  54. Charlie Christian

  55. Chuck Berry

  56. Steve Lukather

  57. Duane Allman (Allman Brothers)

  58. Joe Pass

  59. Kerry King

  60. Tommy Emmanuel

  61. Adam Jones

  62. Gary Moore

  63. T Bone Walker

  64. Neil Young

  65. Robert Fripp

  66. Jason Becker

  67. Frank Gambale

  68. Paul Kossoff

  69. Albert King

  70. Wes Montgomery

  71. Mike Bloomfield

  72. Les Paul

  73. Jerry Cantrell

  74. Synster Gates

  75. Keith Richards

  76. Freddie Green

  77. Muddy Waters

  78. Alexi Laiho

  79. Tony MacAlpine

  80. Robbie Krieger

  81. Steve Morse

  82. Woody Guthrie

  83. Wes Borland

  84. Steve Cropper

  85. Dave Mustaine

  86. Rory Gallagher

  87. Matt Heafy

  88. Yes (Combination)

  89. Alex Lifeson

  90. Korn (Combination)

  91. Frank Zappa

  92. Feetwood Mac (Combination)

  93. Mike Einziger

  94. Paul Simon

  95. John Mayer

  96. Link Wray

  97. Jack White

  98. Johnny Marr

  99. Mick Thomson

  100. The Edge

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Poor Reeves

Current mood: artistic

The name of my band is Poor Reeves.

That name was founded by our drummer, Steve, who discovered it in a film called Ripley's Game - which happens to be one of our favourite films.
There is a scene in the movie in which Tom Ripley and
Jonathan Trevanny are held up in Mr. Ripley's villa in the Veneto by gang members who are out to kill the murderers responsible for an assasination, completed by Jonathan - forced to by Ripley for cash - Traps are laid and the gangsters are caught rather ruthlessly and rather hilariously. And when the two capers walk outside to dispose of the bodies in the boot of a car, they open it to find Reeves dead - Ray Winstones character. A pause and a slight turn of Malkovich's character (Ripley) and then he says it, in the most sardonic and dubiously evil manner possible... Poor Reeves!
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Friday, December 12, 2008



I set my eyes on hers,

she sets hers on fire.

Can you blaze like me?

She says.

Only if you tempt me so.

I can follow you to every room

in this lacy hotel and

watch you take off,

all whispers and all secrets.

Still, I will keep myself inside.

I will still


my solitude.

Dance now for me,

just another dance to entice a dead man

from his bed.

I'll soak for a while in this

bathtub you ran,

but I'll still come out a desert:



and waisted;

just whispers in the wind

inside your insipid


You can never catch me.

But, for a dead girl

you look well.

Digitally Clean

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