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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm really glad!

Current mood: happy

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As some of you know, these days the new A7X album, "Hail To The King", was released and I'm very happy that I managed to learn and tan 6 songs from that album. The songs are: "This Means War", "Heretic", "Planets", "Crimson Day", "Shepherd Of Fire" and the one that I'm really proud of and it is a great honour to play this song, "St. James".
I really like the others too but 3 of them, "Coming Home", "Hail To The King" and "Requiem" are in Drop C# and I'm too lazy to tune it that way and the other two songs, "Doing Time" is pretty rough and I don't really like that much "Acid Rain".
All in all, I'm happy and I love this record.
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