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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two weeks gone

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Haven't been around for the past two weeks, been trying to get some stuff done and just been distracted or unable to get on at other times.  But when I have managed to get on the internet over the past few weeks I've transfered everything from cd-tracker to the damned rateyourmusic, which resulted in a couple of days suffering from RSI in my left hand from ctrl+c and ctrl+v.
Anyway, it's now finished -
Somewhere 100 pieces have gone missing in the transfer - obviously the attention wained at points - which has annoyed me, but I've mostly put it down to rather needless doubles, triples and just generally too many copies of the same releases (*cough*Texas is the Reason*cough*).

In the two weeks the Red Sox won the World Series, rather unsurprisingly, and now we're stuck with two days worth of American Football a week (Sunday & Monday).  Not going to watch both because it's rather pointless, probably won't even watch one a week other than if I need to laugh at 1am - Mike is a legend (only UK viewers would understand).
We did have that UK NFL game though, which I caught the very beginning of when they played 'The immigrant song' as the entrance music.  That gave me a good chuckle, but then I remembered that good sport was on, Liverpool v Arsenal, so quickly flicked back over.
Then last weekend it was Man Utd v Arsenal, so more enjoyment was to be had.

The commentators have been talking about the recent influx of American sports on our turf and saying that proper football games need to go over the the states during season time to play some matches and try and sell the great game over there.  Why!?  Why do we honestly need to?  As it's the most popular sport in the world do we really need another market and even more commercialisation in the game?  The only US club that seems any good from the games I've watched is Chicago, and that'll do.  It's my favourite city in the States - despite never having been - and so there's probably a bit of bias in that opinion.

(Come on the Cubs 2008!)

This page seems to be messing up my computer at the moment, so that will be all.
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