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Seth Shadows (2)
Thursday, October 18, 2007


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So, the last blog mentioned the amazing Wooden Shjips ( at the end.  At that point I had been thinking for the past six months or so that they were amazing, but having picked up the album the other day I'm not so sure.  It's good, but rather repetitive with the ideas.  Feel slightly let down by that.  What a shame.  Fingers crossed for the Sub Pop 7" being good - comes out in less than a week, look out for it.

Next album I have high hopes for is 'Decorated' by
Harris Newman (  He's recorded with a bunch of Constellation Records bands from what I understand, and this album sounds like it's going to appear somewhere around the Voice of the Seven Woods, Davy Graham, Sir Richard Bishop kind of material.  'Anamnesis' sounds especially beautiful.

Ooh, also out soon, vinyl box set from Mark Kozelek of live albums 'White Christmas' and 'Little Drummer Boy'.  Going to be excited when that arrives.  300 on white vinyl, 1000 on black.
Really want the Acid Mothers Temple/Je Suis France split as well but don't want to spend more money on postage than the record costs.  Only 350 copies though.  ARGH!  No doubt all will be gone soon.

One last thing, if you're an Andrew Jackson Jihad fan, I don't highly recommend the album.  Pick up a copy of the split with Ghost Mice or something because the album is slightly dodgy.  Don't understand why they decided to countrify the tracks, lost their edge by doing that.
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Seth Shadows wrote on Oct 18th, 2007 7:47pm

White Christmas? Sweet.


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