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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good week for music, lemming

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Going to go straight into it.

Someone provided me with a link to Garage Hangover at the start of the week. It's just a music blog with a lot of what I'd consider rather mediocre bands, but he certainly knows his stuff and it makes an interesting read. There was one really good song I found on there by The Top Shelf called 'Baby the world really turns'.
Click the link and check the song out, really cool.

Then a couple of days ago a couple of new releases arrived from Palustre in Italy. Only got two ("V" and 12 Sounscrabbles of Pan Ku) of the four or five that were put out at the same time but they were both pretty decent.
"V" was my favourite, but the Sounscrabbles release wasn't terrible, it was more the case of buying that for it's relation to Pan Ku (an alternate name for the Chinese creation God Pan Gu).

On the 11th something amazingly good showed up. James Dean, a now defunct Aussie emo band. Rather annoyingly the hole in the middle of the 7" was tight and would only just go onto my turntable - almost snapped it taking it off! - so ever since I've just had the CD in the CD player. Fantastic four tracks. Really shame they've split up and even more of a shame it's only limited to 103 copies. If you really want one you may still be able to pick one up from Hansei Records but ask him to put a bit of card in the mailer as mine just arrived in a jiffy bag - risky stuff.
Also bought the What Price, Wonderland? / syn*error split from him which was a bit of a disappointment but again, not terrible. The James Dean record just completely overshadowed it.

Today two great CDs arrived. One was from an offshoot of MV & EE under the guise of The Bummer Road, the other was of Golden Jooklo Age.
I wouldn't say it's the greatest piece Valentine & Elder have released but it's shooting up towards one of my favourites already.
Apparently they have a new proper release at the start of next year called 'Drone Trailer' so keep your eyes peeled.
The GJA CD is a self-released (on their Troglosound label) version of the recent Qbico LP. Missed out again on their LP by a matter of hours - and not willing to spend 20 on it from distros - and only just got this CD version. Really glad I didn't miss out, these guys are really good. In part they're a bit like MV & EE with a saxophone, but more messy, noisey and wild. Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for their future releases.

Anyone fancy starting a blog for out of print stuff?
I'm thinking of getting one up and running but just doing like one or two posts a week.


On a different note, did anyone happen to catch 'Lemming' the other night on Channel 4?
I have absolutely no idea what was going on after his dream...
It seemed a really good film.

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