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Monday, October 13, 2008


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Before reading this you've probably already noticed the picture below so thinking about it, I will explain it in a second...

I lie, I can't explain it. It is the strangest logo I've ever come across for a clothing company.
The other night I begun watching 'Transworld sports' - after the Highland Games! - and they had a small piece on Valentino Rossi. For the most part it was just talk about him and how great he is and how he wants to venture into Formula 1 and Rally car, but then they had a short clip of a press conference where that logo was plastered all across the wall behind.
Gave me a good laugh at 4am though!

It's just bizarre (I hope you're seeing what I'm seeing).


Today I received a cassette, yet another bloody one, by Matt Valentine. Well he goes under the name Matthew Dell in this case and I have absolutely no idea what it's called. The only one I can find any info about on the net is 'Glorious Group Therapy' (later re-released under The Tower Recordings) but this one seems to have no existence what-so-ever.
Stunning instrumental work and a real lost gem. Have had it on repeat all evening so I'm slightly worried that it'll wear out, will have to digitize it and upload it for all to hear.

Need to know the name of it!


There's a sale on over at Boa Melody Bar. As a result all of these have been purchased...

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO - The Day Before the Sky Fell In
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - Suppress (Detached) Orchestra (LP)
Can't / Nipple Creek - split
Eric Carbonara - This Maybe the End (3" cdr)
Chora - Burn in Hell (3" cdr)
Culver - The Psychic (3" cdr)
Jerusalem & the Starbaskets - Dark Basket
Samara Lubelski - Spectacular of Passages (LP)
Mono - You Are There (2LP)
Ilya Monosov / Preston Swirnoff - Two Recorded Works (LP)
Rokkiryhima - Maailmanvoitto (3" cdr)
Xochipilli - Aircqocces of the Arc Tones (3" cdr)

12 releases. Logic would be to think that it was a waste of money, but you know what? The total (including postage) is 34.40!
Even if some of them turn out to be shit, that is an absolute bargain.

Still waiting on the Natural Snow Buildings re-release, but now I've uncovered more! 'Night coercion into the company of witches' and 'Between the real and the shadow' are also on their way. Had to send cash in the post but thankfully it made it there ok - I like the post again now.
Good few weeks of sound lined up.

Also picked up some Wereju releases at the end of last week. Anyone into ambient/drone releases should check him out.
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somewhat_here wrote on Oct 21st, 2008 2:35am

it all makes sense now, you do not sleep, ever.
i'm interested in hearing the mv do you just receive a cassette? i would like to know.


Andrewbilesa wrote on Oct 22nd, 2008 4:06pm

Haha, well it landed on my door step and was then handed to me. It wasn't a freebie unfortunately.

I'll try and sort the tape out soon. I've done lots of searching around over the past few days and discovered it was the first issue of 'Glorious group therapy' (that was later re-released on vinyl by Ecstatic Yod). I've put most of the info for it up on RYM ( w_dell/glorious_group_therapy_f1/).

I sleep lots, just not very good at falling asleep until I'm actually tired and for some reason I get a boost of energy at about midnight.


somewhat_here wrote on Oct 30th, 2008 5:09am

i swear i submitted a comment a few days ago, but it's not here. anyways, what mv&ee would you recommend? i've heard 'ragas of the culvert,' kinda hit and miss but i enjoyed the less drone-y pieces and more sitar-based stuff.


iKoen wrote on Mar 27th, 2009 2:49pm

Hey, if you would like to know where the logo was used, it was used in the TT of Assen (the dutch motor grand prix) and i don't know why i just know it's used there =]


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