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Thursday, August 28, 2008


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This summer has been so sport packed that my brain now needs a break.
The end of last season's Premier League was good, then the Champions League, then Euro 2008, then Wimbledon, then the Olympics and straight back into the Premier League. Fill all that with the Sunday/Wednesday games of baseball, a brief splattering of skiing and a couple of games of rugby, it's been constant this year.

I was flicking between both the Arsenal and Liverpool matches last night and not really paying much attention to either. Now I'm a big thankful that Sky no longer has so many Premier League games. Only thing I'm pissed off about is the fact that Setanta has stolen a huge pile of England games. Why the hell have they been allowed to do that? Some things should be left on the "free" channels. I don't care if ITV has it - although BBC is obviously preferred - but the public shouldn't have to spend more money to watch their international team play. Clubs, fair enough, it's a bit more select as to who will watch the games, but international games should be the pride of the nation.
However, the state the team has been in over the past few years maybe it's a good idea...

Have been on a guitar stint again lately. I seem to have phases of going in and out of favour with the thing but ultimately there is love. Haven't played on an electric guitar properly in probably a year but the slightly worn acoustic still holds a good sound when needed.
Somehow managing to remember how to play things like 'For whom the bell tolls' and 'Fade to black', that I haven't played of heard either of in years (definitely multiple), off the top of my head. No doubt they're incomplete and I'm messing up, but it's fun.
Must have learnt 100s of songs over the years, I'm starting to wonder how many are actually still in my head. There are a few that come every time I pick up the guitar - 'Birds of a feather', 'Jessica', 'Stairway to heaven' (Rodrigo y Gabriela intro version), 'Lagrima' and a few others - because they're easy or because I have just spent hours playing them in the past, but are there more locked away?
No doubt 'Smells like teen spirit' would take about 30 seconds to remember but would that be because I actually remember it or because it is such an easy song that it could be worked out that quick?

Can you remember songs you learnt five or six years ago?
Give it a shot.

Haven't really bought a lot over the past few weeks, a couple of cassettes from Digitalis and Nice Face's fantastically titled '...Can I fuck it?' album, which wasn't quite as fantastic as I first hoped, but they are certainly a prospect for the future.

New Hold Steady album was finally purchased, it was alright, not their best but a worthy addition to their catalogue.

Have been eagerly awaiting the re-release of Dave Bixby's 'Ode to Quetzalcoatl' that is due out at some point on Guerssen Records. Not even considering trying to get an original copy as they go for 500+, would love one though.

Built up a huge want list over the past few weeks of obscurities that again, I'll probably never be able to get copies of. Some are obviously easier than others to find but I've accepted the fate of never finding some of the 70s records.

To go back to sport, why the hell is taekwondo included in the Olympics?!
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jallas wrote on Sep 8th, 2008 10:06pm

Woo I got the new Hold Steady one too. I rather enjoyed it, some songs were a bit less than average but overall twas a nice listen IMO. At least I have heard of one band you mention! Now I feel rather pleased :)


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