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Thursday, August 07, 2008


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I think I slept crooked last night, my neck is killing me.  Was on the Wii Fit last night as well and think I did my leg in.  Grown a bit bored of it now though, I have reached my peak with the mini games I enjoy on it.  Got the balance bubble time down to 25.58 seconds.  Managed to do 133 seconds on that muscle one where you rest your elbows on the board and have to hold your body off the ground (with your feet down).  Really can't get any further than that, I fell down in pain after getting that far.  Don't think I moved for five minutes afterwards.

Did the Classic Rock forum radio this week - p?t=928345 - check it out.  It's not 100% classic and not 12 rock songs, but a decent selection and I didn't want to use the most regular bands/musicians.

Haven't picked up the regular giant list of stuff in the past month but got the new MV & EE bootleg releases ('Guitar Barn' being my favourite of this selection), and finally, $45 went on an original copy of 'The Dance of the Moon and the Sun' by Natural Snow Buildings.  I'll try and fill out a form at some point and get scans of the whole thing done because it is quite simply b-e-a-utiful.
Where's that from?  'Me, myself and Irene'?  Sounds very much like Jim Carrey in my head.
Really great release though.  Some of the nicest artwork I've seen in a while and it just looks like a lot of effort went into it.  Numbered 31/31 which is also pretty cool (would have prefered #1, but who wouldn't?!).

Got the new Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno disc from Riot Season the other day and am slightly disappointed.  How many times are they going to release a variation of 'Pink Lady Lemonade'?
The CD actually gets pretty good for the last two tracks and clocks in somewhere around the hour mark but I wish they would just do more completely original releases.  Ok, they are pretty much original tracks because of the whole way the band works - jamming and going off on one - but change the title or something.  Although saying that, I would love to hear more versions of 'La Le Lo', I love that track.

Going back to Wii Fit.  I don't get it.  I'm looking at the records on wii-records and am amazed at how good and how incredibly bad people are at the thing.  The running stuff they're going 6000 metres (for 10 minutes), which is twice as far as I can seem to get, yet for the free stepping (again, 10 minutes) they're only managing 1392 and I can get around 1500-1600 every time.
The Hula Hooping I'd come in 4th, which isn't too bad.  Balance Bubble, 3rd.  Penguin Slide, 3rd.  Table Tilt, joint 6th.  Zazen, joint 1st (I still don't understand that game).  Stretch challenge, last (that's the one I was on about at the start of the blog).
Probably crap in the rest of them.  Can anyone explain how to actually do the ski jumping one well?  You go into the blue dot and then jump, but how are you meant to jump?  Lean forward, back?  What?

Now go have a go at Geosense.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH.  So I just read some cockbrain has decided to remake 'Seven Samurai'!  What's with that?!

(if anyone fancies buying me any of the BFI re-releases of Akira Kurosawa DVDs I really don't mind - especially 'Red Beard' and 'Yojimbo')
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