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Monday, July 07, 2008

Death, music and wiiing

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So the whole of the blogging world seemed to write about the death of George Carlin the other week, but few people picked up on the death of Fredric Baur at the start of June. Who is Fredric Baur you ask? He was the man that designed the Pringles packet.


Why is this worth talking about? Because he considered it the greatest thing he ever created. Now I don't know about you but I find those pots the single most annoying thing in relation to a food product. Ok, maybe not quite as bad as tin foil around Easter eggs (why does it never wrap back round?!), but you can't get your hand down the damned things!
You may also be wondering why I bring this up now considering it happened over a month ago. Well, a couple of days back, flicking through the paper I found an article saying that Pringles are not officially crisps. It claims that Pringles are more of a cake/biscuit than a crisp. The difference between a cake and a biscuit (by definition) is that a cake goes hard when it's gone off and a biscuit goes soft. Now how can it be like both? Either way I guess it gets out of the crisp tax band, but what is a Pringle?
Processed crap, that's what it is.

Also, why have crisp companies started to put less flavouring on their products? McCoys have become rather pathetic and have made the biggest change over the past few years. They used to be the best around but now they once again fall short of Walkers.


Anyway, continuing on the subject of death I just had the Jonestown death tape going on in the background and I had really forgotten how horrible it was.
If you don't know what Jonestown (or
Peoples Temple Agricultural Project) was, it basically a project that developed from a cult run by Jim Jones. They left the USA for Guyana to set this village up and to cut a long story short, it developed into the largest mass suicide ever (I think) with about 900 people killing themselves.
The tape was recorded by the FBI (who were investigating it) and is a recording of one of the last meetings by the group and has them talking about whether to commit suicide or not. It's something that really shouldn't have been put into the public domain in my opinion but it can (or at least could) be found on if for some reason you're interested.


Last piece of death related stuff...

My cassette player died! Well, the batteries and I don't have any spares!! ARGH! So frustrated. Have been waiting about a month for these cassettes to show up and then a minute into the first one it goes beep and shuts off.
Happy that they've finally arrived though.

Natural Snow Buildings - The Wheel of Sharp Daggers
N.213 - Vexation
Kenji Siratori - Trinity Sky

The minute I heard of the NSB tape I was really getting into. Sounded like it could be better than the last, which is all fairness wasn't their greatest effort.

Got the Podington Bear 10 disc set this morning from Hush. Bit of a bargain, 10 CDs for 15 (plus about another 5 for postage, but that's not bad). Not the loveliest box, does feel a little cheap, but so long as the music is good 2 a CD is not bad at all. Podington Bear is Chad Crouch who owns the label.

Also got the new Great Pop Supplement 7"s the other day. Both are really good. New one from MV & EE (who I really should stop going on about) and one is a split between Jerusalem & The Starbaskets and the Bengal Traitors (can't find a link for them). Both have fantastic cover art, the best I've seen from GPS, and all four tracks are pretty good and worth checking out if you can find copies.

Waiting for a copy of the new Hold Steady 7" ('Sequestered in Memphis') on Rough Trade and finally a copy of Jeff Buckley's 'Live at Sin-e' box set. Once borrowed the Buckley box set from my guitar teacher so cannot wait for that, really good set.
Also the Jackson C Frank book stuff is sounding quite positive, that is going to be one of the greatest things ever. Ever.


My brother bought a Wii Fit the other day so my bones are killing me. I absolutely rule at the hula hooping stuff (although definitely don't look as good as that youtube girl when I have a go). Absolutely suck at the skiing and snowboarding one (and again, don't look as good as this when having a go). It's a good laugh though and I'm determined to kill the ski jumper somehow. I also rule at that bubble one, did it in like 30 seconds flat. Don't know if that is actually good but it seemed fast.
If you're in England and want one, check out PC World they apparently had a few at a regular price. Screw paying 120 off ebay.

EDIT: 26.something seconds on the bubble thing! I seriously rule at that.
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