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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


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So I was just sitting down for five minutes with my guitar on my lap getting extremely frustrated at trying to figure out 'Dialogue' by Jackson C Frank from memory and quite frankly, I got nowhere. Well, the first few notes were easy enough but I couldn't work out where he was going. So then I decided to jump on the web and go to possibly the only Jackson C Frank website of any note on the net - Immediately I was distracted...

The Jackson C. Frank biography:
"Blues Run the Game: The Tragedy of Jackson C. Frank"
by writer Jim Abbott, is due for release end August 2008
You can pre-order the book from Jim, which includes rare unreleased tracks on CD

My head exploded. Woah. Had to read it again, was I seeing this right? A biography - finally - and unreleased material! Seriously?!
Link was clicked to

Jim Abbott, a writer who famously found Jackson living a hand to mouth existence in New York City, has just finished the manuscript for "Blues Run the Game: The Tragedy of Jackson C. Frank", likely the only biography of the legendary musician that will ever be written.

Besides a detailed accounting of Frank's life, you will also learn the stories of several unique characters and events that were important parts of Jackson's existence. Also included are many never before seen photographs and writings by Jackson, many from his days as a newspaper reporter and editor.

Included with the first 1000 copies of the book will be a CD of never before released material, including a couple early rock n roll attempts at Elvis songs, two complete (and one almost complete) alternate versions of songs from the 1965 album, recorded by Judith Piepe in the same flat that housed Jackson, Sandy Denny, Al Stewart and many others. Also, the long lost performances from John Peel's Night Ride Programme, including a cover of a Pat Sky song called Jimmy Clay, that might just be Jackson's finest performance ever. And last but not least, by far, one of Jackson's most haunting and elusive songs, Juliette, recorded in Ulster Park, NY in 1970 and never released anywhere.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for the book and CD. The cost, including shipping, is 25 dollars (US)or 13 pounds (UK)and can be made via PayPal. The PayPal account is [edit: don't buy!!!! It was a scam. Bastards] The books and CDs are scheduled to be shipped during the last week of August.

WOW! Immediately 13 has been sent to an unknown person. I really hope this isn't a wind up. So, so happy. Also very glad I got some money for my birthday. Might pay those cheques in tomorrow and ask the person if I could grab a couple more for friends and for personal obsession reasons.

If you still haven't heard him - - you've been missing some amazing stuff for your whole life.

In other music news, guess what's on the way...

If you've read any of the recent entries (I'm amazed people do - feel free to reply) you'll know about the MV & EE obsession. Two new LPs, one new CD and one new 7".
Ragas of the Culvert (LP + bonus CD)
Meet Snake Pass & Other Human Conditions (LP)
The Best It Ever Was (7")

Will they stop to take a breath for a moment?
Going broke over here.

Acid Mothers Temple have also announced new releases. Finally I got a copy of 'Recurring Dream...' the other day. Not as great as everyone made it out to be but not a regretable purchase either.
Acid Mothership Live can be bought from Riot Season. They're also the label that will release 'Pink Lady Lemonade (You're From Outer Space)' in the next month or two. There's another Cosmic Inferno album coming out on Very Friendly around the same time but I can't for the life of me find out where that can be bought.
Cosmic Inferno, in my opinion, have done the better tracks out of all AMT incarnations.

Ooh, before I forget there is also a Kawabata Makoto album due out at some point on Reverb Worship. Will go damned fast so worth keeping an eye out or joining the mailing list - that doesn't seem to work for me - to stay on top of that.

What else is due?
New selection of cassettes on Digitalis, some new releases on Students of Decay. The excitement has really fallen on everything now I've heard about the Jackson C Frank book/CD... Brain has gone into meltdown and the ears have pricked up. Still really looking forward to the Natural Snow Buildings re-issue of 'The Dance of the Moon & the Sun' but it keeps getting pushed back and back which is a real shame.

Have a huge 2008 want list but I know I'll never get them all. The Hold Steady album isn't far off, will have to save some cash for that. Can't forget that.

Anything missing?
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