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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great Sunday

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Well the day was rather average but by heck have I loved the tv tonight - starting at 5:45 - and it's not yet over!

Scrapheap Challenge - love this show. Lisa Rogers is lovely plus the underwater salvage challenge was great.

Early BBQ dinner - yeah ok that wasn't on the box, just been a long time since the last BBQ so feel it should be mentioned.

European final - Well done Spain! I picked them to win before the tournament (although changed a couple of times during) and they were certainly amongst the best. Arguably Holland were but they completely messed up against Russia.

Top Gear - Well this episode was a bit shite. Maybe that's because my mum was saying how crap it was throughout, but it wasn't exactly their greatest.

Jimmy Carr commercial breakdown - Actually pretty funny for one of these advert shows. Jimmy Carr still absolutely cracks me up.

The Verve - Glastonbury - They were amazing. If you missed it check back on youtube tomorrow because from 'The rolling people' through 'the drugs don't work', 'bittersweet symphony' and a couple of others. Just needed 'Sonnet' to top it off. Really good performance though.

Io Non Ho Paura - On in not too long (Channel 4 - now started) and it's a film that I'd recommend recording. Cost me 18 to import a few years back and I still think it was worth the cash.

Baseball - I believe it's more Cubs tonight and that would make it against the White Sox. Should be interesting, probably not the greatest but Gouldy keeps it lively while factboy Chetwynd will attempt to keep it about baseball. Will probably be flicking onto the film every now and then.


So I failed at learning 'Classical gas'. Don't have the will to sit down and learn it at the moment. Anyway, eventually it (somehow) got me back onto my favourite tuning, Db, Ab, Db, Gb, A#, Db and started to make some beautiful chord progressions. Most were forgotten but some nice ones were remembered. Also convinced me to finally learn 'Knives out' by Radiohead - although tuned down half a step - and I fucking love that song.


Had my birthday the other day. Didn't do anything fancy, bored of birthdays now. I don't want anything and I don't really want to be considered a year older. In actual fact I'm just a day older so yes, when you ask me if I feel different the answer will be, 'no'. Why do people ask that? Like all of a sudden your life is going to jump and change.
It's always older people that ask you that as well. Have they not realised themselves that absolutely fuck all changes in a day?

Got some good stuff though;

3:10 to Yuma

Those alone would have pleased me - although 'Disturbia' lost its touch the second time around and the girl wasn't as hot as I remembered. But then came the music...

Catapilla - s/t
May Blitz - s/t
Laraaji - Ambient 3
Velvet Underground - The Quine Tapes

The Catapilla and Laraaji albums are top draw. Haven't managed to listen to 'The Quine Tapes' yet but from what I have the sound really isn't as bad as everyone makes out. Heard worse from studio recorded stuff.
There was also Tiger Woods '08 for the Wii. Been playing it a bit today and have enjoyed it, but the game is better on the PS3.


Been MV & EEing myself out lately. Seriously if you have not heard them yet go and run around the internet in search of them. So good. Only problem is they've released about 10 things already this year (listed just below) so it's getting rather expensive, and that's not including a few things picked up that have been lying around from the past couple of years.

The Ground Ain't Dirty: Ragas of the Culvert (cassette, /200)
Catalytic dung (cassette, /200)
Old Black Joe (7", /500)
Foxgod In Flight
Pray For Less
Pray For Less (cassette, /200)
Moment Spacing (7", /500)
The Ground Ain't Dirty: Ragas of the Culvert (vinyl, /800)
Best it ever was (7", /500)*
Meet Snake Pass & Other Human Conditions (vinyl, /500)

Ok, there are a couple of doubles in there, but all have been released by different labels where there are doubles.
Anyway, last year it was Voice of the Seven Woods that took the honour of most releases I picked up and that was just the 8. God knows what will come of these guys. There's going to be a tiny run of a 12 cassette box at some point as well! Probably won't be able to get ahold of a set as there will probably only be a couple of dozen at the most, but damn heck I'm going to try. All bootlegs rather than new albums.


Don't buy Waitrose Organic Semi-Skimmed milk. Ok, I'm not going to complain about the taste because at best I despise milk, but when you see a load of scum around the top of the bottle and this scum pours out you have to wonder why you didn't just buy full fat. It's the most disgusting thing I've seen, ever.
It's also led me to this question, Coco Pops vs. Weetos. At one stage I would have gone with the monkey but these days, despite being harder to get, Weetos taste much better...

Anyway, go and watch the rest of 'Io Non Ho Paura'. Such a well shot film.

EDIT: What the hell is with the baseball having adverts lately?! It never used to after 1am, or maybe it was 1:30. Whatever the case, I don't like it - although fortunately Channel 4 still has its amazing film on. You're all going to regret missing this if you haven't seen it already.
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smb wrote on Jun 30th, 2008 2:52am

I missed the film and now regret it - it sounds like just my sort of thing. I watched all the rest of the TV you did's been a good day to be lazy.


Andrewbilesa wrote on Jun 30th, 2008 3:05am

You never know, it might get put on again at some point. Really worth watching if you ever get the chance. Certainly has been a good lazy day. Going to feel lost without football for the next few months. Wonder if the Olympics will be any good...


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