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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Classical guitar recommendations?

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Looking for some classical guitar pieces to learn and preferably ones that were intended for guitar rather than written on piano.
I've got a Francisco Tarrega book and have been going through it for the past week or two and really like having something a bit different to play.  Quite a bit of it I struggle with so preferably something that's not too fast in picking speed - not so worried about quick chord changes or odd shapes.

Take Gran Vals and Gran Jota (still working on a lot of the latter though) as an idea of what I'm looking for.


EDIT: Oh, also, if you play four and a half beats (nine quavers) before you repeat a pattern what time signature would you use?  Is it simply 9/8?
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AmyRayFan wrote on Jun 19th, 2008 7:06pm

um some really nice classical guitar songs that i like are: Classical gas and vicent.... with the times signature you could just add a rest or somthing at the begining ..but i think (im not sure) it would be 9/8


Andrewbilesa wrote on Jun 19th, 2008 7:26pm

Vicent? 'Classical gas' isn't a bad suggestion at all though, thanks for that. I managed to find a piano book on google books this morning that seemed to suggest 9/8 and putting it into powertab with that time signature it seems to run without any problems. Thanks for the comment, going to save 'Classical gas' and give it a shot tonight.


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