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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tapes & tapes & tapes & tapes

So, right at this very moment, waiting up for the Aussie grand prix, eyes going slightly blurry, it suddenly struck me that I was staring (just behind where this laptop it) at a heap of audio cassettes. I'm starting to wonder why.

According to rateyourmusic I have 37 of the things. My first album was Jacko's 'Dangerous', and my first single (barring the flexis of things like Postman Pat and Ghostbusters that used to appear on the side of cereal boxes) was (from what I can remember) 'Doop', strangely enough by Doop.

Compared to my CD collection that began with the rather expensive 'Tales from the punchbowl' by Primus as first album and my first CD single came a while after in the unusual form of R. Kelly's 'If I could turn back the hands of time'.

Looking back I must have been more messed up going through my teens than I can remember.

Anyway, back to cassettes...

Their ever growing re-popularity seems rather bizarre.
The general population of new tapes I see are either noisey or odd lo-fi folk recordings usually put out in editions of less than 200.
There are a few great specialist labels out there for tape releases (Sloow being my favourite), but now my tape player has gone bust and the only option is to sit in the car to listen to them, I'm slightly annoyed by the amount I've accumulated.

Oh, and don't get me started on how annoying one-sided cassettes are. There I was a year or two ago being all stroppy about people releasing more and more 5" records that don't play on my turntable. Don't really know what's worse when compared to one-sided tapes.

Here's a brief summary of 2008 cassette releases:

Barn Owl - Smoke loom ceremony
Cursillistas - Fleece face
MV & EE - The ground ain't dirty
MV & EE - Catalytic dung
Natural Snow Buildings - Slayer of the King of Hell
Pocahaunted - Beast that you are
Raccoo-oo-oon - Mythos Folkways vol. IV: Future Vision
Slurp Dogs - Postal Licks
Terrestrial - Wrapped in a shawl
We Have Heaven - We Have Heaven
Wet Hair - Irifi
Xela - The Illuminated
Xela / Ajilvsga - I love her till I die

No doubt there have already been dozens more, but I didn't ever expect that in 2008 my music collection would be growing in this way.

Couple of non-cassette new releases to take note of...

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO (2 dvd)
The cheapest place I could find to get a copy of this was Riot Season, was planning to watch part of it before the Grand Prix, but don't know now. It has a history of the band and live stuff on it, so would probably make a good introduction to the band as well as something for fans.
Seen the majority of the first disc and I'm a bit disappointed so far. Was expecting it to be a documentary style history but its just a load of five minute clips compiled together in their respective years. Interesting but a bit repetitive and not really what I was hoping for. Will try and update when I've seen the whole thing.

Sand Snowman - I'm not here
The best release to date from Reverb Worship, and would recommend this to anyone wanting something slightly folky and slightly odd. Only 5, limited to 60 copies and almost gone.

Li Jianhong - San Sheng Shi
First Western solo release from Jianhong and it's basically a 50 minute guitar noise piece. Has a lot of atmosphere to it. Might not take your fancy straight away and it may leave you with a bit of tinnitus, but it is really good once it gets going.
Available from Archive.

Ilyas Ahmed - Vertigo of Dawn
Word has it that the LP and CD from Time-Lag has dropped although it hasn't updated on the site yet. Definitely going to be one you have to buy though. If you like acoustic folky guitar or things that you can listen to on repeat when you're stoned I'd imagine you'd love Ilyas and his music. His past releases have been stunning, and fortunately some are getting re-issued this year and there are a couple of others in the works. Check him out though.

Sir Richard Bishop - God Damn Religion (dvd)
Haven't seen this yet, hopefully will arrive this week, but word is that it's a slightly messed up piece of film. "
This film is a diabolical experiment in hypnotic mind control—a phantasmagoric presentation of demonic and divine imagery, meticulously assembled and designed to put the viewer into an altered state of darkened awareness." - Sounds good to me...
Available from Locust for like 12 with the bonus CD of the out of print 'Elektronika Demonika'.

Colin Meloy - Sings Live!
Vinyl pre-order available from Jealous Butcher now. First 400 copies are on green vinyl. Relatively expensive but surely going to be an album that is worth listening to if The Decemberists albums are anything to go by. His live EPs were quite popular as well so that's probably a good sign.

A Capella box set
Lastly, word has it that soon Root Strata will be releasing some form of a capella box set featuring the likes of Zelienople, Christina Carter, Richard Youngs, Xela and Islaja so that will sure be one to look out for.
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

DVDs & DVDs & DVDs & DVDs

Not going to ramble on for so long about DVDs as I did for tapes, but a fair few music DVDs have already landed this year and here are some brief opinions. The first two are now virtually impossible to get ahold of, but the latter few are readily available.

Birchville Cat Motel / Tarentel / Charalambides - Rockumentaries (3 DVD)

Now this set is top notch. There are still a couple of copies lurking in distros, but it was originally released on Nothing Out There Records (check the link for the distros) in Belgium and only cost 8 Euros! Ok, they're not full sized DVDs, they're 3" DVDs - they should play in all DVD players - but you still get about an hour of entertainment for your money.
Birchville Cat Motel, a crazy New Zealander that makes noise, Tarentel that play a kind of improvised experimental ambience and Charalambides that play semi-improvised, generally pretty songs. A few little interview pieces and generally quite nicely edited. Definitely the best DVD release so far this year - limited to 25 copies.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & Paul Clipson - Corridors

Tarentel related and self-released on Jefre's own Root Strata label. This one, despite there being more copies (100) made sold out in about a day. Again, you can probably find copies in some distros but the label generally sells out of the limited stuff quickly.
This is a single piece that shows how video and audio can really work fantastically in harmony. Filmed on Super 8mm by Paul and put to the, "
billowy clouds of distorted guitar expand out into long passages of muffled static and fuzzed out melody" of Jefre.
Check the label site (catalogue page) for some clips.

Sir Richard Bishop - God Damn Religion

Something now that is easy to find. If you know a bit about Richard Bishop you'll probably know that, as well as being a main part of Sun City Girls, he used to deal in rare occult books and (from what I understand) strange art books. This really shows in the film. The whole thing is basically composed out of flashing images of religion (a lot of hell) and sex. There are a few sections of moving imagery, like at a phallus temple in Thailand and a strange black and white film, but largely you'll begin to go a bit dizzy with the flashing images.
Musically I don't love it, the style works better through the stereo - which is fortunate considering the bonus disc of 'Elektronika Demonika.

Acid Mothers Temple - Never Ending Space Ritual

Wasn't going to type up the full name of the band or the DVD because it would have taken 10 minutes, but it comes from the Melting Paraiso UFO side of the AMT spectrum.
Personally I didn't much enjoy this set, when something has 'history of' in the title I'm half expecting a documentary. This isn't one. It's just a set of five minute clips compiled together from over the years on the first DVD. The second is a bit better with a short interview and some full live tracks, but when you spot those videos up for free on it seems like a waste of money buying this.

There was a Low DVD released last week called 'You may need a murderer' which might be worth checking out, and still to come is that Dronevolk documentary. Haven't seen either but I'm going to recommend them none-the-less.

New music in the lap over the past week:

Valet - Naked Acid
Ajilvsga / Capricorn Wings - Rites of the Solemn Ceremonies (cass)
Andy Futreal - Wrack: Oud improvisations, reactions and abstractions (cass)
We Have Heaven - s/t (cass)
Family Battle Snake - Arabian Knights (cass)
Beltline - The Narrative (7")
Valiant Arms - Swallow the Sea (10")
Kelly Nesbitt - Beaks that could smile
Richard Youngs - Three Headed Star
North Hero - January February
Harvey Lord - Weighted Down
Mountainhood - Brother the cloud

I'd highly recommend the We Have Heaven cassette, well worth the 5/6 it costs.

Hopefully this week:

Ilyas Ahmed - Between two skies / Towards the night
Ice Bird Spiral - A Taste of...
Magik Markers - For Mary Meyer
Natural Snow Buildings - Slayer of the King of Hell (cass)
Fausto Papetti - 20a (vinyl)
Silvester Anfang - Funeral Folk (cass)
Teenage Cool Kids - discography (cass)
Xela - The Illuminated (cass)
Xela / Ajilvsga - I love her till I die (cass)

Supposedly there is going to be some new Voice of the Seven Woods stuff released imminently which I cannot wait for.

This has taken so much longer than expected to type out for some reason.

What I really wanted to know is, where is a good place to buy server space from? Preferably quite cheap as I don't want much.

Also, anyone have a good idea about how to screen print multiple colours want to explain it to me?
To be honest the whole process confuses me. I mean you're supposed to paint glue onto the cloth stuff, but if you're planning to do a page of writing (not tiny but not huge) are you seriously meant to paint outlines of every letter?!
I can't believe that people seriously do that so figuring there must be another way.

Please check the song on my profile page as well and leave negative/positive comments. Should've really put this at the beginning so you have some background music but the brain works slowly.

Baseball starts up again tomorrow night! WOOO.
Anyone know what game we're getting on channel 5 (UK)?
Weekends are so good for sport around this time of year, just finished the skiing season, we've destroyed everyone in the cycling (love velodrome stuff), football coming to an exciting end of season, formula 1 back on, baseball season starting up, and yet we still have rain and snow... Still, love it.
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Large Discographies

So an interesting thread appeared in the Classic Rock forum the other day. It has been a while since I've looked into it but I'm sure most aspiring musicians, or music fans in general have thought about it in the past; who has the largest discography?

Everytime a discussion like this appears Frank Zappa shows his face, as do The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. These are all good shouts and in popular music you wouldn't be too far off. This thread however brought Elvis Presley into the fold. Yeah he's had the most hit albums in the UK but I was still surprised to see his song count at 700. However, the majority he didn't write so should they really carry the same worth as the discography of the likes of Zappa who had some kind of role in most of the music he played? I don't know, that's up to you to decide, but I thought whilst on the subject - writing in that thread - I may as well make a brief note of artists who have written a huge body of work.

Not always exact numbers, but close enough to give a good idea.

Pearl Jam (8 studio, 245 live!)
The Rolling Stones (22)
Grateful Dead (22 + ~65 live releases)
The Fall (only 26 studio but 60+ overall)
Bob Dylan (32 albums)
The Residents (34 albums)
Neil Young (around 40 albums over entire career)
Jandek (53)
Johnny Cash
James Last

Frank Zappa (57)
Current 93 (60+ - lots of multi-disc sets)

Daevid Allen (Daevid Allen Trio, The Soft Machine, Gong...)

Acid Mothers Temple
Wolf Eyes
Richard Youngs (around 100)
Lee 'Scratch' Perry (around 100)
Tangerine Dream (100+)
Anthony Braxton (115+ releases - includes sets with up to four discs)
Merzbow (200+)
R. Stevie Moore (400+)

Where could Johan Sebastian Bach be placed? He wrote over 1000 pieces, but how many releases could that be considered?
Vivaldi (around 640 pieces)
Mozart (around 620 pieces)

I'll try and expand on this a little more tomorrow when I'm not so tired.
If you know any that are missing, please contribute. Ideally over 50 albums, I'm sure there are a load out there.

Thanks for the contributions.
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Book of Am

Current mood: achy

This time last week serious smiling was done. After almost a month of waiting 'The Book of Am' by Can Am Des Puig arrived in my gracious arms. It had to be picked up from the post office collection place and I thought that typically someone would try and rob it from me on the way home. No one did, and if they had they wouldn't have managed to take it from me.

The damned thing is beautiful. Can't say I paid any attention to the LPs for the first couple of hours as the drawings and writings had me absorbed, but I was happy enough when the music finally played. The first and last sides are not as good as the second and third but there may be a bit of psychology going on there - 1st not quite living up to expectations, 4th realising that its nearly over. Great acid folk though and if anyone disagrees they're lying.

Sadly I have hidden it away for now fearing that it might get warped in the summer sun we've been blessed with already. Don't really know how to store it though so fingers crossed it stays in tact.

Truly amazing. 140 something pages of it, not all colour and quite a lot of it a preface to the actual book written in different languages, but I'd guess at least 70 pages like that.
Just wow.

I'd love to make something like that, infact I want to but have no idea where to start.

Also in the past week the new Ilyas Ahmed record arrived. Not fully convinced by that yet, again the first and last pieces (just songs this time rather than sides of record) don't fill me with the joy that the rest of the album does but I'm happy to have it.
Got the re-issue of James Blackshaw's 'Sunshrine' yesterday as well and am happy with that, would be happier if there weren't two and a half minutes of dull cowbells leading into the piece but that's just being picky.
The new Jandek was a bit of a let down. Its almost as though he's trying to be discordant but finding it hard to be and forcing it slightly. I'd love to hear what he could create if he set out to make a more musically mainstream in his approach, it would no doubt spoil it for a lot of fans though.

Got news this morning that the Colin Meloy vinyl is finally done and in the post, and there is also the new Acid Mothers Temple record shipping over from the States, but I'm losing interest in both of those in anticipation for the new Natural Snow Buildings / Twinsistermoon / Isengrind stuff to arrive. The postman better not steal them and I'm resting all my hopes and dreams on tomorrow being the day they appear. Seriously.

Does anyone have any recommendations for some upcoming stuff?
Only thing at the moment that I want to get my grubby mits on is the new Shortwave Set album because the first was wonderful. Dananananaykroyd, The Hold Steady and The Night Marchers are also on the list but further down it.
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Worldwide telescope, Champions league and stuff

Worldwide Telescope is like Google Earth but for the sky. I'm sure everyone's already read about it but it is actually pretty cool. Google sky was lame, this actually looks like some effort went into creating it and as a result is much easier and smoother to use. Granted you (well, at least I) keep getting lost by zooming into nothing, but once you work out the search and how to actually find stuff it works pretty well. There are some nice little tours on it as well so you can actually learn some interesting things and not just look at the pretty pictures.
Anyway, I'd recommend taking a look if you have any slight interest in space. Just wish there were better zooms on things like the moon - I'm determined to find that flag the Americans supposedly put on it.

Now to the important stuff, the Champions League. Thank God United won. After last years FA Cup final the game was expected to be boring, but when you hear them talking about it at the bottom of the 7th during the Braves and Mets game you know it actually made an impression around the world and I think a good advert for what the Premier League has to offer. Well worth watching and actually made me feel a bit more respectful towards Chelsea (kill me now).
Anyway, fantastic game and even better result. Shame up Abramovic, you can't buy everything - although I'm sure we'd all love to have 17million to waste on a single painting.

Unfortunately I think that's also bye bye for Avram Grant who I personally think has done well and can hold his head high. However, how bad can you do with a team like that? Seriously it must be one of the easiest jobs in football. "Oh no, we're not doing well", there goes 50million on two new midfielders.
Their youths play down the road from me and they really need to be spending more money on young talent rather than wasting so much on people like Anelka. Anelka is crap, why do you think he's played for so many teams and is still only 29 (I think)? It's because everyone realises he's useless and has a bad attitude. Also, only Chelsea player to go left on the penalties and the player to lose it - not that I mind.

This is currently my desktop...

People are so quick to do these things, you have to take advantage of the witty.

Also, what a shame poor ol' Drogba got sent off. End on a high eh Didier? Although he is a good player, he needs to head off to Italy or Spain where they like players to lie on the floor for hours and moan to the ref.
That was the worst thing about last night, Chelsea constantly going up to the ref and complaining. They always do that, think they're being cheated, but really they're getting what they deserve. Remove Ashley Cole from the team and everyone will have a bit more appreciation. I hope he joins Joey Barton at some point but for a longer sentence.

Anyway, go on United!!

Next week it's England vs. USA at Wembley. That's going to be a huge embarassment for us. I think we'll be alright controlling the game but the USA team always has good stamina and the never say die attitude that just keeps them a threat for the whole game. If we go and get a goal and settle again I'm going to be so pissed off.

Great little videos on the BBC website over the past couple of weeks.

Microsoft CEO egg attack
Plane lands on another plane

Both classics. Just a shame there isn't full footage of that plane landing on the other one, can't imagine how it happened.

The Donnie Darko sequel was finally announced the other day, S. Darko. It will no doubt be terrible but at least it wasn't rushed into in the way that filmmakers tend to rush to capitalise on a story. And at least it's got a damn hot actress in it (Briana Evigan). Although I can't say I've watched any of the films she's been in (admired her in the trailer for that 'Step up 2' film), she was in Linkin Park's video for 'Numb' a few years back - thanks to her sister dating the drummer - and she was hot back then, and it doesn't look as though she's lost it.

Does anyone know how to filter out a website from searches on yahoo? Drives me mad that when you search for something as simple as 'car' on yahoo image search you're stuck with nothing but flicker pictures, and flicker pictures are generally shit.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

F*ck the post!

Seriously what the hell is up with the post?
Currently this year three sets of CDs and records haven't shown up, in the previous 5 years only one thing has ever not arrived. I'm getting quite annoyed now. Someone out there - most likely a thieving postman considering the rate - is enjoying my messed up oddities and rarities and I'm not. In theory it can only get worse as well thanks to the Government's stupid idea of closing thousands of branches over the next few years. What kind of value for money is this? We get to save a sh*tty bank that was being too greedy, we get an overpriced sporting event that will no doubt just end up in London being blown to pieces, and yet we lose a valuable service. Great
Surely money would be better spent on services that are useful than on one off events that leave a country broke and with disused sporting arenas.
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Monday, June 16, 2008


Everyone seems to want to build at the moment. Received two planning application things through the door this past week, one for a house opposite wanting to build (what sounds like) an extension into the whole of their garden (possibly wanting to convert the house into flats - great ), another saying that the council are going to build 1500 flats in the centre of town. 14 stories seems ridiculous and no extra infrastructure to help to cope with all these people kind of emphasises that. Then there's all this news at the moment about the hand over of the Olympics at the end of the summer. How are they going to build all those stadiums in four years? It took seven to build Wembley didn't it?
Everyone's going mad.

At the moment I feel like I could moan about anything. Could definitely still moan about the post and probably will do within a few weeks.

There is a family of blue tits outside at the moment though that seem to chase each other around the garden the whole day, that can be a bit of light entertainment when they're trying to steal food off one another.

What's with the football suddenly being on at 7:30? That's really annoying. Would have happily watched both games last night but then they are both of crappy ITV at the same time. Useful!

Ended up missing Gladiators last night as well. Can't say that's a total loss but it's amusing. Don't like their eliminator these days, and the gladiators don't seem to have any kind of personality and they don't really look that big. Or is that just me remembering the old gladiators to be bigger than they actually were?
Remember that Russian Gladiator, Dynamite? "He may be strong but I am Dynamite!" - classic.
Oh, and a bit of useless information, Eunice Huthart (or however you spell her name) who won it in like 94/95 went on to be the stunt double for Angelina Jolie! A tomboy scouser goes to Hollywood. You couldn't even write a story like that.

On the music front...

New Voice of the Seven Woods EP is available from his new website.

If you can, pick up MV & EE's 'Iron Brew' live album. I believe Volcanic Tongue still has copies. It's amazingly good, can't stop listening to it. Heard from Joe that runs Blackest Rainbow that he might release a 12 cassette set of live MV & EE material at some point. Apparently going to be extremely limited though and expensive - for 12 cassettes that can't be a surprise.
The new Cam Deas album on Blackest Rainbow is well worth checking out if you fancy a bit of nice guitar music.

New Natural Snow Buildings cassette should hopefully appear soon, along with the re-release of 'The dance of the moon and the sun'. The Isengrind re-issue has been cancelled though as Brad (owner of Digitalis) has apparently fallen out with the band. 'The dance...' will be solely released by Students of Decay now, still with bonus discs from what I understand. Bit of a shame that there won't be any more limited releases from Digitalis and NSB, but hopefully somewhere else will pick up on these things.

New set of L'animaux Tryst's Tryst Haunt single series should be out soon. Features Big Blood and Visitations amongst others.
Still hoping another Lightning Strike Lightning release appears at some point, that'd be amazing.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. I gave a few quid to Rateyourmusic the other day though so I've now got the useless subscription stuff.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Classical guitar recommendations?

Looking for some classical guitar pieces to learn and preferably ones that were intended for guitar rather than written on piano.
I've got a Francisco Tarrega book and have been going through it for the past week or two and really like having something a bit different to play. Quite a bit of it I struggle with so preferably something that's not too fast in picking speed - not so worried about quick chord changes or odd shapes.

Take Gran Vals and Gran Jota (still working on a lot of the latter though) as an idea of what I'm looking for.


EDIT: Oh, also, if you play four and a half beats (nine quavers) before you repeat a pattern what time signature would you use? Is it simply 9/8?
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great Sunday

Well the day was rather average but by heck have I loved the tv tonight - starting at 5:45 - and it's not yet over!

Scrapheap Challenge - love this show. Lisa Rogers is lovely plus the underwater salvage challenge was great.

Early BBQ dinner - yeah ok that wasn't on the box, just been a long time since the last BBQ so feel it should be mentioned.

European final - Well done Spain! I picked them to win before the tournament (although changed a couple of times during) and they were certainly amongst the best. Arguably Holland were but they completely messed up against Russia.

Top Gear - Well this episode was a bit shite. Maybe that's because my mum was saying how crap it was throughout, but it wasn't exactly their greatest.

Jimmy Carr commercial breakdown - Actually pretty funny for one of these advert shows. Jimmy Carr still absolutely cracks me up.

The Verve - Glastonbury - They were amazing. If you missed it check back on youtube tomorrow because from 'The rolling people' through 'the drugs don't work', 'bittersweet symphony' and a couple of others. Just needed 'Sonnet' to top it off. Really good performance though.

Io Non Ho Paura - On in not too long (Channel 4 - now started) and it's a film that I'd recommend recording. Cost me 18 to import a few years back and I still think it was worth the cash.

Baseball - I believe it's more Cubs tonight and that would make it against the White Sox. Should be interesting, probably not the greatest but Gouldy keeps it lively while factboy Chetwynd will attempt to keep it about baseball. Will probably be flicking onto the film every now and then.


So I failed at learning 'Classical gas'. Don't have the will to sit down and learn it at the moment. Anyway, eventually it (somehow) got me back onto my favourite tuning, Db, Ab, Db, Gb, A#, Db and started to make some beautiful chord progressions. Most were forgotten but some nice ones were remembered. Also convinced me to finally learn 'Knives out' by Radiohead - although tuned down half a step - and I fucking love that song.


Had my birthday the other day. Didn't do anything fancy, bored of birthdays now. I don't want anything and I don't really want to be considered a year older. In actual fact I'm just a day older so yes, when you ask me if I feel different the answer will be, 'no'. Why do people ask that? Like all of a sudden your life is going to jump and change.
It's always older people that ask you that as well. Have they not realised themselves that absolutely fuck all changes in a day?

Got some good stuff though;

3:10 to Yuma

Those alone would have pleased me - although 'Disturbia' lost its touch the second time around and the girl wasn't as hot as I remembered. But then came the music...

Catapilla - s/t
May Blitz - s/t
Laraaji - Ambient 3
Velvet Underground - The Quine Tapes

The Catapilla and Laraaji albums are top draw. Haven't managed to listen to 'The Quine Tapes' yet but from what I have the sound really isn't as bad as everyone makes out. Heard worse from studio recorded stuff.
There was also Tiger Woods '08 for the Wii. Been playing it a bit today and have enjoyed it, but the game is better on the PS3.


Been MV & EEing myself out lately. Seriously if you have not heard them yet go and run around the internet in search of them. So good. Only problem is they've released about 10 things already this year (listed just below) so it's getting rather expensive, and that's not including a few things picked up that have been lying around from the past couple of years.

The Ground Ain't Dirty: Ragas of the Culvert (cassette, /200)
Catalytic dung (cassette, /200)
Old Black Joe (7", /500)
Foxgod In Flight
Pray For Less
Pray For Less (cassette, /200)
Moment Spacing (7", /500)
The Ground Ain't Dirty: Ragas of the Culvert (vinyl, /800)
Best it ever was (7", /500)*
Meet Snake Pass & Other Human Conditions (vinyl, /500)

Ok, there are a couple of doubles in there, but all have been released by different labels where there are doubles.
Anyway, last year it was Voice of the Seven Woods that took the honour of most releases I picked up and that was just the 8. God knows what will come of these guys. There's going to be a tiny run of a 12 cassette box at some point as well! Probably won't be able to get ahold of a set as there will probably only be a couple of dozen at the most, but damn heck I'm going to try. All bootlegs rather than new albums.


Don't buy Waitrose Organic Semi-Skimmed milk. Ok, I'm not going to complain about the taste because at best I despise milk, but when you see a load of scum around the top of the bottle and this scum pours out you have to wonder why you didn't just buy full fat. It's the most disgusting thing I've seen, ever.
It's also led me to this question, Coco Pops vs. Weetos. At one stage I would have gone with the monkey but these days, despite being harder to get, Weetos taste much better...

Anyway, go and watch the rest of 'Io Non Ho Paura'. Such a well shot film.

EDIT: What the hell is with the baseball having adverts lately?! It never used to after 1am, or maybe it was 1:30. Whatever the case, I don't like it - although fortunately Channel 4 still has its amazing film on. You're all going to regret missing this if you haven't seen it already.
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


So I was just sitting down for five minutes with my guitar on my lap getting extremely frustrated at trying to figure out 'Dialogue' by Jackson C Frank from memory and quite frankly, I got nowhere. Well, the first few notes were easy enough but I couldn't work out where he was going. So then I decided to jump on the web and go to possibly the only Jackson C Frank website of any note on the net - Immediately I was distracted...

The Jackson C. Frank biography:
"Blues Run the Game: The Tragedy of Jackson C. Frank"
by writer Jim Abbott, is due for release end August 2008
You can pre-order the book from Jim, which includes rare unreleased tracks on CD

My head exploded. Woah. Had to read it again, was I seeing this right? A biography - finally - and unreleased material! Seriously?!
Link was clicked to

Jim Abbott, a writer who famously found Jackson living a hand to mouth existence in New York City, has just finished the manuscript for "Blues Run the Game: The Tragedy of Jackson C. Frank", likely the only biography of the legendary musician that will ever be written.

Besides a detailed accounting of Frank's life, you will also learn the stories of several unique characters and events that were important parts of Jackson's existence. Also included are many never before seen photographs and writings by Jackson, many from his days as a newspaper reporter and editor.

Included with the first 1000 copies of the book will be a CD of never before released material, including a couple early rock n roll attempts at Elvis songs, two complete (and one almost complete) alternate versions of songs from the 1965 album, recorded by Judith Piepe in the same flat that housed Jackson, Sandy Denny, Al Stewart and many others. Also, the long lost performances from John Peel's Night Ride Programme, including a cover of a Pat Sky song called Jimmy Clay, that might just be Jackson's finest performance ever. And last but not least, by far, one of Jackson's most haunting and elusive songs, Juliette, recorded in Ulster Park, NY in 1970 and never released anywhere.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for the book and CD. The cost, including shipping, is 25 dollars (US)or 13 pounds (UK)and can be made via PayPal. The PayPal account is [edit: don't buy!!!! It was a scam. Bastards] The books and CDs are scheduled to be shipped during the last week of August.

WOW! Immediately 13 has been sent to an unknown person. I really hope this isn't a wind up. So, so happy. Also very glad I got some money for my birthday. Might pay those cheques in tomorrow and ask the person if I could grab a couple more for friends and for personal obsession reasons.

If you still haven't heard him - - you've been missing some amazing stuff for your whole life.

In other music news, guess what's on the way...

If you've read any of the recent entries (I'm amazed people do - feel free to reply) you'll know about the MV & EE obsession. Two new LPs, one new CD and one new 7".
Ragas of the Culvert (LP + bonus CD)
Meet Snake Pass & Other Human Conditions (LP)
The Best It Ever Was (7")

Will they stop to take a breath for a moment?
Going broke over here.

Acid Mothers Temple have also announced new releases. Finally I got a copy of 'Recurring Dream...' the other day. Not as great as everyone made it out to be but not a regretable purchase either.
Acid Mothership Live can be bought from Riot Season. They're also the label that will release 'Pink Lady Lemonade (You're From Outer Space)' in the next month or two. There's another Cosmic Inferno album coming out on Very Friendly around the same time but I can't for the life of me find out where that can be bought.
Cosmic Inferno, in my opinion, have done the better tracks out of all AMT incarnations.

Ooh, before I forget there is also a Kawabata Makoto album due out at some point on Reverb Worship. Will go damned fast so worth keeping an eye out or joining the mailing list - that doesn't seem to work for me - to stay on top of that.

What else is due?
New selection of cassettes on Digitalis, some new releases on Students of Decay. The excitement has really fallen on everything now I've heard about the Jackson C Frank book/CD... Brain has gone into meltdown and the ears have pricked up. Still really looking forward to the Natural Snow Buildings re-issue of 'The Dance of the Moon & the Sun' but it keeps getting pushed back and back which is a real shame.

Have a huge 2008 want list but I know I'll never get them all. The Hold Steady album isn't far off, will have to save some cash for that. Can't forget that.

Anything missing?
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