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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lunchtime learner: Big Blood - The Grove

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Thought this might be worth doing every now and then, a song to learn.  Going to start off with Big Blood's 'The Grove (is hotter than an ocean's oven when the rays of light do boil)' from last year's 'The Grove'.  Fantastic song and relatively simple.

Hear it on their myspace page or download a high quality track from WFMU's blog.

Standard tuning

Then literally the chords are just Am and Em from what I can tell.  After the intro it goes into Am - Em a couple of times and then the verses are just Em.
A good strumming pattern for it is d, d, x, u, x, u.
d = down
x = mute (on a lead-in down strum)
u = up

Turn the song up loud and bash along on your acoustic, sounds great.

Might do a couple more of these in time.  Great songs to learn in 5 minutes.
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