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Friday, March 07, 2008

£10 off voucher, but what to spend it on?

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Today in the post a surprise letter came from (of all places) ebay.  In it they said I'm a star, showed me some love, and then handed me ten smackeroonies.  That's £10 (or $20 - yeah, I saw that we'd got to £1>$2 again last night).

Initial thoughts were to spend it on pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto and cut the price down from £40 to £30, but does anyone have any other ideas of what it could be good for?
It's only spendable on ebay, but you can buy anything off ebay.  Don't really want to buy music with it because that's what I do with 90% of the money I have.

Hope they send me money again next year.  Let's make this a regular thing Ebay

Lots of music to catch up on this week.  A huge backlog seemed to just flow into my arms and now I feel a bit overcome.
Some amazing stuff so far though from Lightning Strike Lightning and Big Blood and Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan.

There was also a pile from Blackest Rainbow which included Cam Deas, Nackt Insecten, Ian W and the great Ben Nash.
Then there was a catch up from Art of the Underground with the single series (now up to #24) and included Ghost Mice, The Leftovers, Gordon Gano's Army and The Exit Strategy.
Following that was a couple from Students of Decay with Natural Snow Buildings and Emaciator.
Then Reverb Worship with Stone Baby and Wooden Spoon.
Then my great purchase of the split between The City on Film, Sterling Silver and Kind of Like Spitting.
The my Root Strata order of the Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (of Tarentel) & Paul Clipson DVD arrived.
After that appeared the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
And lastly a bunch of stuff including the Lightning Strike Lighning and Big Blood CDs, but also Wovoka, Emil Brynge and
Annelies Monseré.

Slowly making my way through the piles and have to get through it all before April arrives with the Retribution Gospel Choir, Sun Kil Moon, Colin Meloy, Camille and no doubt some other things that I've yet to wake up to.

Here's a list of my 2008 so far.

With the government once again going on about their stupid ID card scheme, I must leave the link to no2id again.

Check out the Sound release from Visionaire (#53), looks AMAZING!  If you can afford £150 for it, buy me a copy too.  And whilst you're at it, check out Peter Callesen's work.  These two are my favourites...


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