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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ebay, travelling & something else

Current mood: drunk like a russian

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First off, here's a little maths question that you have to try and do in your head, no writing down or using a calculator (answer down the bottom).  It is reasonably hard though so skip if you like...

Take 48 - divide by 8 - times by itself - x6 - divide by 3 - 25% of that - add 8 - x7 - add 1 - double it


So, apparently starting next week there is a growing plan to boycott ebay over increasing rates, but is there really much point?  After the week all the boycotting sellers will be back on there because no other auction site has anywhere near the amount of visitors ebay gets.
However, why are ebay raising their cuts?  Is it just because they can or is it because they're greedy?  You already lose a large chunk of the sale amount and then another lot if you get sent the money via paypal (whom I believe will also take a bit more of your money).  Seems unfair to me, but I guess if you waste your millions on something like Skype you're going to need to get money from somewhere else.

Piece on CNN about it.


Something else brought to my attention this week was this on The Guardian's website.  It was written by the son of the travel editor over at The Guardian and is about something thousands of Britons do each year - student travel.  He's obviously a bit of a rich kid, and the 'Skins' reference is either some form of lame viral marketing or actually trying to boast about writing a couple - from what I understand, literally - of lines for the show.
Anyway, if you are reading this, do click the link and read the comments.  The actual article is pretty poor, especially for something destined for The Guardian website, but the comments are a tad mental.

Also, recommend me some places that you have been on your travels.  I do one day want to go and explore the world a bit more and am always looking for things to do.
Come across some really strange and beautiful things/places like Cheung Chau's Bun Festival in China, then have to get hammered on
Shōchū in rural Japan, go off-road segwaying in the States (although it does look relatively tame) and then head to Wharaiki beach in New Zealand.  Whilst in NZ, would have to dare myself to go bungee jumping, or on the fly-by-wire, or maybe the shotover jet or river sledging, but most likely all plus more.  There's also that odd ghost town place in Thailand (or around those parts) with the strange pod buildings that I'd love to see, and I'd love to take a train from Europe to China on the Trans-Siberian Express.
Looked at the prices of hiring cars and its a rip off unless you're 25, and train passes are seemingly quite expensive too, so don't really know the best solution.  Will have to ask around or hope someone comes across this entry and has some ideas.

Something Else:

"Hey, what up y'all" - - Stupid little kid thinking she's tough.

Amazing looking 62 tone guitar neck that I, and I'm sure you, really want to try out.

A man waterboards himself.  I don't know who this man is, but it is clearly torture.  I'm glad the UN came to the same conclusion and I really hope that people get put on trial for performing it on people.  It doesn't even provide accurate results as people are going to end up saying what you want them to say, as with most forms of torture, just so it stops.
Of all torture methods, the best method is definitely water dripping onto the forehead whilst the person is strapped down tight on a table.  Always thought you could make a great music video out of that.  Something that maybe Aphex Twin or Squarepusher could get away with.

Oh, and back on the music side of things, the Natural Snow Buildings album ('Laurie Bird') seemingly sold out within about 10 hours on Friday.  Insane.
There is now a really cool 3 DVD set released
here featuring Birchville Cat Motel, Charalambides and Tarentel though.  Think it says there are only 25 copies of it available but not certain.

One last thing, that United/Arsenal game was excellent.  Loved seeing Arsenal lose by four goals... again.  Great to see Park getting a full game as well.  Definitely my favourite Man Utd player, although Anderson has looked really good in every game he's played so far this season, found it odd that its taken the pundits this long to speak out about how good he seems to be - although his performance today was exception.

Ah, and before I forget, the answer to the maths question is 366.
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Seth Shadows wrote on Feb 17th, 2008 12:54am

366 I think.

I agree on the ebay thing. I don't think they should raise their rates. Last time I sold something it was 10% of $1258. $126? fuck, and they want more?

I don't think so. Someone needs to get a competitor up for ebay.

Haha, Leave it upto you, Andrew.


Andrewbilesa wrote on Feb 17th, 2008 1:01am

I wouldn't mind if you'd like to, really ;)
That's a big chunk, and then you've still got to pay for postage and paypal fees - if was paid that way and had to be sent out - and they must be selling hundreds of things for that amount every day. Huge profits, surely.
I'm going to buy some stocks...


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